A Secret Brotherhood

August 1, 2012
By , New York, NY
Since the beginning of the Rise of the Vatican a secret Brotherhood was formed within the city. At first it was a rebellion of the Vatican’s rule over Italy and the Catholic people, but throughout the years it has become a Self-Governed Society. The Brotherhood was called The Illuminati (Latin for “enlightened”). They have been under ground since the fall of the Roman Empire long ago.
The Vatican has made any religion who does not believe in “Their” God as being part of the Illuminati. They don’t care what the case is they want the world to be full of Christianity. In the world of today people see the Illuminati as a people to gain respect, power and fame. But they are wrong. The Brotherhood is not for power, respect or fame. It is for people who don’t want to or dislike the modern day Governments. They recruit people from all over the world no matter the race or color.
The founder of the Brotherhood is Adam Weishaupt. The Historic name of the Brotherhood is The Bavarian Illuminati. Later shorted to the Illuminati. What people don’t realize is that some of the greatest people in the world were part of the Brotherhood through the other Secret Society known as the Freemasons. People like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other people that are well known in the world and in the history of the U.S.A.
The membership of the Brotherhood is very high class. Its people who do very important work in their field of study. People who don’t want to join, but have very high ranking jobs are sometimes forced to join by the leaders of the Brotherhood. On the hand people who want to join, but are not in high ranking areas will be put through very difficult tasks to prove their loyalty to the Brotherhood.
In Vatican City a secret path way through Rome was created by the Illuminati to find followers. This path connects the Elements of the world (Water, Earth, Air and Fire). These for Elements link to 4 different churches in Rome. They all lead to the Illuminati church which is hidden inside the Illuminati Castle. It’s funny how the Vatican is scared of the Illuminati, but the church is within Vatican City. It is said that whoever uncovers this path BY THEMSELVES will become a member of the Brotherhood/Order.
The reason I know so much about the Order is because I joined 5 months ago and was told to write this report to give people a thought of how we work. It’s time that the world understands the Brotherhood because we will rise back to power and when everybody asks the question “Where did they come from” we will say we warned you.
The Vatican does not want us to come back because we us the modern day technology to show the Vatican that the old ways will not work anymore. We have infiltrated the most important areas in the world. We even have people in the Swiss Guard and The Vatican itself.

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