Its Coming For Me

July 28, 2012
By DeadlyPurpleBunny SILVER, El Cajon, California
DeadlyPurpleBunny SILVER, El Cajon, California
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I feel It creeping closer. By the time you're read this I will be dead. But please. If there is a God hear me... Please... It's coming and I can't stop It. Help please. It's already gotten my family.

I'm alone in my room writing this and by the time this is posted I will have been killed too. This doesn't make much sense I know but notes like this never often DO make sense... Oh God... I hear it scratching at the door.

I suppose you're wondering what happened. My family and I were watching TV. Today is Friday and that's what we always do. My father heard someone at the door. It was midnight and no time for visitors. My father grabbed his gun and went to get the door; there was nothing there. He shrugged putting the gun away and sitting beside Mom again.
It was all fine until about a half hour later. The door slowly swung open and It crawled into the room. I've never seen a creature so horrible in my whole life!
It had translucent grey skin stretch tight over a bony frame, thin, straggly hair,that hung limply around it's grotesque face, bulbous yellow eyes that glowed and flickered like lanterns, sharp teeth and a wide mouth that hung open with a barbed red tongue that flopped out of it, and long class made for ripping and tearing. My father leapt up "Arianna, Starlii, Micah upstairs now!" he screamed. Mom bit her lip "Kayleb... I'm staying." she said.
Dad sighed "Ari... Please."
"NO!" mom yelled.
Dad sighed "Fine,"
Mom looked at us. The beast was almost to us all "Guys... Go!" she half sobbed.
"No!" I yelled screaming as Micah scooped me up and ran upstairs. I beat at his chest "PUT ME DOWN!" He just shook his head tossing me into my room "Barricade the door," he said firmly
"DO IT STAR!" he yelled I flinched slamming the door and locking it.

I piled as much stuff as I could in front of it. I heard screaming downstairs then a horrible crawling, dragging noise up the stairs. My heart was pounding and hot tears gushed down my cheeks. I heard Micah's yell then ripping flesh. I broke down sobbing "MICAH!" I screamed my stomach clenching. I crumpled as my legs gave out sobbing so hard I threw up. Then there was deathly silence for a long time and I slept.
That brings you up to now. Now it's by my door and I have no chance of surviving. Oh God I wish this had never happened. What did we ever do to deserve all of this? Please... Someone help me... I don't want my parents and my twin to die in vain... But hurry because I think it just unlocked the door.

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