I hear them again...

July 27, 2012
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I hear them again. Those same damn voices. And those same noises. The knocking, the pounding of my heart, it’s all the same. I hear them again. I’ve never known life without them. And here they come prancing to my door to pester me forever. My heart quickens. My eyes dilate. And the knocking continues. The door shakes with every punch forced into its hard surface. Finally, I take a step into the direction of the door. I look towards the sky as a bird flies above the hazy fog. I drag my feet in the dirt. I stop to admire the frame of my past life- the only remainder of my house. The fire consumed it, but why not me too? Me-along with all the other voices I carry.
The door. It stands tall. It stands right in front of me with no walls left nor right. “Over here!” something whispers. “Come this way!” “Let us in!” “Open the f-ing door!”. A scream. It fills my ears. It fills my lungs. It consumes me. It is I who screams. It is I who cannot escape. And I, who finally opens the door to realize my reality. Letting in the only thing that is real to me, but to only me. I hear them again. I will always hear them.

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