The dreams of truth

July 23, 2012
By Christian.Catastrophe BRONZE, Laguna Niguel, California
Christian.Catastrophe BRONZE, Laguna Niguel, California
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I awake in what I assume is blood it's very dark, damp, and cold. Blood is everywhere now and it's all glowing. It loOKs like I'm sitting in a room of red flesh. I loOK around and see two creatures, one of them calls itself obsession and the other, who remains silent, other then primal grunts every so often, is called despair. They loOK so disgusting with crimson throbbing flesh as their body purely white eyes and fangs with black surrounding the eyes and bright red veins throbbing around their bodies covered in blood and long tails of flesh streaming far around like bloody rope.
Obsession says "we are you,we know you,we control you."I throw up blood, now I'm in immense pain. Obsession and despair circle around me, reeking of desperateness, and patheticness. I now notice that the creatures bloody tails are connected to the walls and floor, I begin to stand but something pulls me back down, and the two beasts come closer, still circling me; blood is starting to rise, I drown in blood, now with bleeding wounds all over my body, claw marks and cuts oozing crimson.The creatures are now gone, it gets darker till i fall asleep dying.
I awake this time for real, not a nightmare, I loOK at the clock and it reads 4:23 A.M., I then wipe my face with my hands to wipe of sweat, I stand on the bed and hop to the door. My mom is probably sleeping in her room so i go into the living room. Turn on the TV and start watching, but not really, so i get up and walk into the kitchen to make some cereal. I walk back in, finish my cereal and go back to sleep. Restlessly.
I wake up with my mom screaming her head off to get me to even open an eye, so I get up and run into my room and get my outfit ready, and grab my back pack to go.
My mom says,"eat some breakfast OK, Drake?"
I walk out the door,yelling "OKay, bye mom, love you,"as i stepped out the gate of our apartment complex and ran over to the bus stop. I sat doing nothing but waiting for the bus. It comes after a minute or two, i pay and sit in the back with kids from my school, who i don't really know.
We get to the stop closest to school and walk down the street to this place of 'appreciated' learning.
I sit at a table with my friends Tyler,Alex,and Skylar.
Skylar says eagerly,trying to spark conversation,"Hey Drake, did you do the English homework last night?"
I don't respond and they know why.him, the most absolutely perfect person ever.
Tyler blurts out,"you loOKing for Nick,Huh?"
I still don't speak still loOKing for him.loOKing desperately! i want to, need to,have to see him,now!
"Hey dumb ass," said Alex,"do you even have your brain today,Drake?" I finally give up and talk back,"I'm sorry what?" I fall backward.
Everyone laughs, and i sit back up putting my arms on the table and my face downward. At that moment, I see him in all his glory walking over here, I immediately get up and step back. Too late he's already here!
He says so smoothly,"Hey, Skylar what's up?"
"Nothing really"Says the lucky friend of mine, Skylar ,who knows him so well,"You?"
"I'm fine" says Trevor, while loOKing back and forth at me and him.
"let's go Drake,Alex,"I say
Trevor points to the stage where we usually sit. As Skylar and Nick go sit at the other table and My other friends and I walk toward our so-called designated spot.I loOK back as subtly as I can and wish Nick were mine forever.
I sit after I lose sight of him, and get out my money to count it. After counting it all, I have Twenty-seven dollars and ninety-three cents. I put the money back into my wallet and go get breakfast. As I walk into the line I just notice him there behind me,getting in the same line,I redden and bite my lip. Trying not to stare i close my eyes till i have to open them again. I buy my breakfast burrito,eat it quickly, and then go to my first class,math.I put my earphones in under my jacket and hair,and ignore the world for the next forty-five minutes till it goes to second period. I love second period so much,because he's in that class. Yes,my love, Nick. I sit in the front and he sits in the back. I pull my earphones out to listen to him, I loOK back slightly, ignoring all the people making fun of me and give half my attention to him. The other half however is going to the boOK due in 3 weeks that I'm halfway finished with. The period goes by quickly, and I walk out with Trevor, he's in that class too. I go through the rest of the day till I see Nick once more, in History. I sit closer to him,very close to where I can watch him always. If he ever stayed still but its fine it just makes him cuter. After that I go through the rest of the day, then go home, my mom's at work. I take a shower then go to sleep.

The author's comments:
Its just the first chapter Ill post the other two with it

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