Followed by a Trail of Death

July 16, 2012
I saw you from behind the school building. I saw you watching me watching you. I saw you waiting by the girls' bathroom, but I stayed in my stall for a whole hour. You were still there, posted by the boys' door. You saw me staring, and you tried to hold back a grin. I was scared. You scare me. You follow me around. You are like my loyal dog, Ruffly, who is sweet to me, but right when I pet another dog, you are ready to attack. Take me. I don't want you to take me. I don't want to go with you, but it seems I have no choice. I have no life, because you follow me like a shadow or ghost. Darling brother, I was ready to let you go when you died a year ago, but here you are, a stalker in my dreams. You always leave a trail of death.

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