The Linkit Files (PART ONE)

July 14, 2012
By Anonymous


"You should tell her," Tiffany says "this is not gonna end well."

"Don't worry about it, it'll be fine." Micheal said trying to comfort her.
"I have a bad feeling about this"

"We'll be fine, she won't find out"
"Whatever, but if things head south its on your head."

"I'll call you later, I have to get home to my wife."

As Micheal heads up the drI'veway to his 2 story home, with only the dining room lights on he knows hes late for dinner. As he opens the front door he hears his two kids running from the dining room as they cling to his legs. His wife Ashley walks past him towards the stairs.

"I'm going to bed. Your dinners in the microwave."
"Sorry I was out with the guys and we lost track of time."

"We'll talk later; [Sarah, Steven time for bed]" She shot him a dangerous loOK before heading up the stairs.

After he finishes eating, Michael heads upstairs to talk to his angry wife.

"I'm sorry i was late again"
"who's Tiffany?" Ashley turns to him with tear stained cheeks.

" She called earlier loOKing for you."

"Oh, she must be calling about my bets."
" You said you would stop gambling, that's how you lost your job in the first place!"

"At least I'm not running around chasing little stories."
The phone rings, braking the tension. Ashley answers pleasantly.


Michael hears the familiar voice of Ashley's younger sister Anna on the phone as she moves to the next room to talk. He dozes off before Ashley come back to the bedroom.
Ashley hangs up the phone and lays down but doesn't fall asleep, she thinks back to that day she played mechanic with daddy.
"I'll be right back, don't touch anything OK?" her dad says, going to get lemonade for them.
Young 9 year old Ashley replies with a simple nod. She loOKs into the car again and calls after her dad;
"hey daddy, whats this?" loOKing at the brake fluid. Pretending to fix it, she brakes the line. when her dad comes back out shes says shes bored and wants go play with Pikachu. Shortly after she hears her parents leave for the store.
After Michael continues being late Ashely can't take it anymore, and something inside her snapped. She has to find Tiffany... One day while Michael's out and the twins are at school Ashely takes advantage of her free time. She calls Tiffany back.

"Hey Michael."
"no, this is his wife , Ashley."

"Oh, um, Hello?"
"Michael talks about you a lot and says that we should meet up."

"That would be great"
Tiffany invites her over, unknowing of Ashley's plan.
25 minutes later Ashley shows up at Tiffany's apartment. As their having their coffee, and chatting the buzz of the dryer goes off.

"excuse me, I'm gonna get that real quick"
This is Ashley's chance, she gets up and roams around the kitchen, loOKing for knI'ves. She finds a knife block on the back of the counter, glancing around to make sure the coast is clear, she slips the bread knife into her bag, and lays her sunglasses on the counter.

"Sorry about that" Tiffany says
"That's OK, I have to go anyways"

"Oh OK, nice meeting you"
"you too"
Tiffany walks Ashley to the door, locks it as she leaves.
When Michael gets home the kids are playing with Nancy, the babysitter, and Ashley is all dressed up, gloves and all.

"What's the occasion?" Michael asked
"Tiffany invited us to dinner"

"Oh... OK."
Parking in the alley, Michael's phone rings, its his sister, Linda, but he ignores it and drops his phone back in his pocket. As they get out of the car an over jealous Ashley takes the knife and holds it behind her back.

"Hey, come over here, I got you something." Ashley says, luring him closer to the dumpster.
"OK" he says, he moves closer expecting something sweet.
Once hes inches away She pulls out the knife and stabs him in his right lung, in a way that he cant scream. The blood drains from his face, as he falls to the ground. He loOKs up into ashleys eyes one last time, and she stares back coldly, reaches down and yanks out the knife, unsympathetically. Shes takes his clean jacket off his cold body and wraps it around the stab wound, and drags him to the dumpster. She lifts his body into the dumpster and drops him in like a sack of potatoes, knowing in 2 to 3 days he'll be Tiffany's problem.
She goes up to the front door and buzzes apartment 6B. Tiffany lets her up, and invites her in.
"I'm sorry, I think i left my sunglasses here." Ashley said

"Oh ya, let me go get them." Tiffany says leaving Ashley alone in the kitchen
Sneaking over to the knife block Ashley slid the knife back in place.
"Here you go" Tiffany hands over the sunglasses.

"Sorry I've been spending so much time with your husband, he's so excited about buying the house."

"I'm a loan consultant, and we've been working out everything for you guys to buy your house."

"Oh, what a surprise. Well i have to go, Thanks"
Ashley hurries out the door, and drI'ves home quickly. After paying the babysitter she puts the kids to bed and lays down.
It's been 3 hours... they should be home by now.
"Where's mom and dad?" Anna asks.
A loud crash comes from down the street, and the sky brightens and people scream.
The next thing they knew we were being drI'ven away from their parents funeral by their Aunt Joanna.
Ashley wakes up and reaches for the phone, time to call the police. She dials the number and waits for an answer.

"Hello?" the voice on the other end of the phone.
"My husbands been missing for the last day." she 'sobs' into the phone
She spent the next hour talking to various officers and officials, giving them information about Michael, and dropping Tiffany's name multiple times.

The author's comments:
My friend and I wanted to write a short story and this is what we came up with. Enjoy :) Part 2 comeing soon we hope :)

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