Love for A Stranger (Part 4)

July 10, 2012
It wouldn't take long for her to fall for him, he was more certain of that than anything.

He knew exactly what to do to make them fall for him, which is why Rebecca never stood a chance, and now Sarah won't either. Sarah. It sounded so sweet and innocent on his lips, well, I'll have to change that, he thought. No girl of mine is innocent for long.

She would be the prettiest he'd ever had, though. Those huge green eyes, her slightly curly brown hair, thin lips that beg to be kissed.

Rebecca was his first, he was sloppy and wasn't used to the feel of her pulse beneath his hands, the quickening of her heartbeat at his cool touch.

But he knew it would be different this time, Sarah saw who he really was, and that excited him.


"Yeah?", he snapped out of his thoughts, jerking his head towards the noise.

"I asked you whose side you're going to be on for the practice game this Saturday?"

“I'll join Brian's team for the time being, they need a bit of a power boost.”

He sprung in the air, pushing up through the balls of his feet and releasing his hold when his feet were tip-toe style.

A quiet swoosh sliced through the air as a ball bounced and bounced until the noise finally faded and the gym became heavy with silence.

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