Zerg Part 3

July 10, 2012
The next morning the sun beat down on the city. Citizens were outside asking questions about last night’s alarm. I just hid in one of the many bushes along Main Street, overhearing people. My mom would probably be ticked when she finds out I snuck out into the woods. I shifted my weight to my other leg, my mom was stomping her way into the middle of the street. She went over to Mr. Garrison, the owner of the Missing Peoples Society, and I immediately knew she was filing a report on me. Now everyone would be on the look out for me.

Her watch beeped and a few people looked in her direction but quickly turned away. My mom walked away from Mr. Garrison and over to the Oval office. Cr*p, I thought, now she’ll find out. I decided to show myself hoping I could quickly change my mom’s mind and make up a really quick lie.

Stepping out of the bush I yelled, “Mom! Over here!” My mom spun around and smiled. I ran over to her and gave her a great big hug. “I missed you.” She laughed and messed with my hair.

“Honey, where were you? The whole town was worried,” she cooed, looking into my eyes.

“I was out and about.”

“Aussie! What were you doing?”

“I was out with Edna. I went and slept in the old church with her. I forgot to let you know.”

“Well, then, the old church? Weird, there was a service last night that went until late and guess what? I was there, so truely where were you?”

My head started to spin, where was I? Should I tell her, I asked myself. “I can’t tell you mom, at least not here. Let’s go home and I’ll explain everything.” She looked at me weirdly and just rolled her eyes.

The walk home was very silent. The streets had no life and the markets were closed. I walked a few steps behind my mom to figure out how I was going to tell her. I knew either way I was grounded. I probably got Edna in trouble too, even though she didn’t do anything. When our house was in sight, I jogged to the front door. My mom was right behind me, her face was red with exhaustion and sweat was dripping down her face.

“What do you have to tell me,” she asked, wiping her face with her sleeve.

“I went outside the wall.”

“What?! You didn’t, Aussie, you didn’t!”

“Yes, mom, I did. I found this ripped up map of the Pipe Works and snuck out into the woods.”

“What map? Where is it!”

“It’s in my back jean pocket, it’s ripped like I just said but I taped it all together.” I pulled the map out of my pocket and unfolded it. My mom gasped and started to cry. She grabbed it from my hands and walked out of the room. Shocked, I sat in the kitchen wondering what I did.

After twenty minutes of sitting in the kitchen, I decided to head up to my room and do something. I snuck out of the kitchen and ran up the stairs and into my bedroom. My room was the color of a ripe watermelon, the outside of it not the inside. It was dark and dull, my bed was oval shaped and my covers and sheets were hot pink. The walls had a bunch of papers tacked to them, they were papers of soon to be stories or pictures of creatures we learned about in school. The floor had a great big yellow rug in the middle of it, the rug had a big chocolate stain on from when I spilt some chocolate milk. There was a bookshelf in the corner that was over flowing with books and a white dresser in the other corner that held most of my clothes. My room didn’t really go at all with my personality. It was all just hand me downs from my cousin, Leona.

I didn’t know what to do, I just looked around and sighed. My room used to be covered in stuffed animals or little toys, now it was covered with papers. My mom always told me I was a great writer so I started writing a book on my life, on how dull it was. The papers were thrown everywhere.

I jumped on my bed and grabbed my only stuffed animal left, Mr. Sniffles. He was a purple monkey with blue polka dots and was my first ever animal. I cuddled with him and petted him, he was my only true friend besides Edna and after leaving Zerg I don’t think she’ll be my friend anymore. I put Mr. Sniffles down and looked around. This was where I belonged, in the city protected by a great big wall. There was nothing on the other side but darkness and monsters.

My bedroom door squeaked open and my mom stepped in. Her face was pale and wet from crying. She ran over and hugged me, I just stared. She pet my hair, sighing.

“Oh, honey. I’m so sorry about all this nonsense,” she cried. Her face was wet and she kept messing with my hair. “I should have told you sooner. Your father, was selected to build the wall around us. After that he was sent out into the woods to find water and when he was about to come back, his group was attacked. Your father risked his life for all those men and the monster attacked him. He died on the spot.”

I looked at her. How could she not tell me for thirteen years? Was it all bottled up? “Why was the map in the attic?”

“Well when your dad found water, he had to make two maps but he made three. One for the president, one for the owner of Pipe Works, and the last one he gave to me. I didn’t know what it meant so I just put it in a box and shoved it in the attic. There was a note attached to it but I can’t remember what it said or where I put it. But I know it was something about a secret something. I’ll try to find it later,” my mom said, wiping away some fresh tears.

“When you find it, can I read it?”

“I guess. I’m really sorry, Aussie. I never knew when to tell you about your dad, I just didn’t know.”

“Mom, it’s okay. I know now and it’s nothing big,” I replied leaning on her shoulder. “I’m sorry about crossing the wall.”

“I can’t let that slide, Aussie. The president will be after you, trust me. Pack a small bag of stuff and after I find that note, leave. Bring the map and go out onto the other side and look for the secret something.”

“I don’t know that I want to go alone this time.”

“Um, I don’t know what to do about that. You could see if Edna or someone would go with you. But I don’t know what do otherwise.” She sighed and gave me a hug, “Your dad would be proud.”

I smiled, “Thanks mom.” I hugged her back, it felt nice.

“Now get to packing,” my mom laughed, leaving the room.

I grabbed a bag out of my closet and started to pick out some shirts. I shoved in a purple sleeveless, an orange hoodie with sleeves, a light blue tank top, a black T-shirt, a blue sweater, a maroon sweatshirt, and a white T-shirt. I also placed in a pair of blue and orange plaid shorts, two pairs of capris, and one pair of blue jeans. I placed Mr. Sniffles in the bag along with a blue blanket, a small pillow, two books, a journal, and my ipod (which would probably die, but oh well). After throwing the over sized bag into the corner, I walked out of the room and into the kitchen where I grabbed a glass of water.

“Mom, I’m gonna go over to Edna’s house,” I yelled. She answered okay and I ran out the front door. I knew the guards would be looking for me so I kept close to the bushes. I walked on the sidewalk and looked ahead of me. People were flooding the streets and carts of food were being rolled out into the square. I slipped past and walked up to Edna’s front door and knocked.

“Hello,” Edna’s mom asked as she opened the front door.

“Is Edna home,” I asked looking at Mrs. Hall, Edna’s mom.

“Yes, she is,” she replied, smiling.

“May I see her?”

“I guess. She’s up in her room,” Mrs. Hall said, opening the door so I could walk in.

“Thanks,” I said, shoving my way past her. She stumbled at little bit but didn’t say anything. I ran up the main stairs and into Edna’s room. Edna was sitting on her bed reading.

“Hi,” I yelled, startling Edna.

“Hey. What do you want,” Edna choked, slamming her book closed.

“Um, I have to tell you something.”

“Okay, what?” Edna set her book down and stared at me.

“I crossed the wall.”


“I went into the woods. I crossed the wall.”

“No, you didn’t. Don’t lie, liar.”

“Edna, please! I went across the wall and got caught. The guards are out looking for me because I ran away last night from the oval office. I’m wanted. I’m basically dead.” I looked at her as her face dropped.

“Your not lying, are you?”

“No, Edna. Please believe me. I went across, there’s nothing but darkness and monsters on the other side.”

“Does your mom know?”

“Yes, I told her. But she wants me to go back over the wall and find this secret something my dad mentioned in a note he sent my mom. I want you to go with me.”

“Aussie! I can’t. I don’t want to be caught and have to explain. Your so stupid. Risking your life to find something that might not exist!” Edna stuffed her face in a pillow and screamed. She sounded paranoid.

“Why not? Why can’t you come with me?”

“Girl, unlike you, I don’t want to break the rules and disobey my parents. Maybe Cole would want to go with you, he’s always up for an adventure,” Edna cried, her face now wet with tears. “Aussie, I don’t know if I should hang out with you if your just going to ditch me like this.”

“Edna, I’m sorry but I’m wanted and my mom doesn’t want me to die. So I’m going out to find this secret thing my mom wants me to find. If you don’t want to be my friend any more that’s okay. See you later,” I said and walked out of her room and down to the front hall. “I must be going Mrs. Hall.”

“Bye, Aussie,” Mrs. Hall said from another room.

I walked out the front door while putting a baseball hat on my head. The sun beat down on me and sweat started to form. In my mind I kept replaying the talk I had with Edna and how I just lost my best friend.

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