Dear World pt 1

July 10, 2012
By polar-icecap DIAMOND, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
polar-icecap DIAMOND, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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When u think life is easy, it gets hard. When u think that time will slow and just let u live in the moment, it'll go to light-speed. When you think your right, your almost always wrong. But life is uncertain, and sometimes that's a good thing. And if you think your better than other people you for sure aren't going to like the place your headed. I speak the words I know only as true. If you think differently there is really no point in reading this. I have to tell you that the person writing these events is Evergreen Polar Rose. I know my name is strange, but it’s a name I carry proudly. I was an average overachiever. I studied hard, worked as a babysitter, and couldn’t stand my 3 brothers. If I can’t have a normal life of my own, how can I expect I can live anyone else’s. I died when I was only the mere age of 14, the doctors had told my parents that I was DOA. It shocked me that I could still hear. At least I thought I could. I heard the paramedics husky voice ringing loud and clear through my ears. But, when I opened my eyes, all I could see was the shell of what I once was, completely drained of life that had been there before the accident. What the accident did to my family could break anyone’s heart, but I wouldn’t know, I didn’t have one anymore. They say that you either go to heaven, h*ll, or the waiting room. I’m not sure I’m in any of those. I know that in books they say the only thing keeping someone from going to where they have to is business that wasn’t finished on earth. I would say I don’t believe that way, but it would be a lie.

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