When Life Happens Prologue

July 10, 2012
By polar-icecap DIAMOND, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
polar-icecap DIAMOND, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Down the highway
After most people who could bail me out are long asleep
In the waters created by my imagination
To fast
Life goes speeding by
Too Slow
Hour after hour of waiting
How do you keep up with the runners, yet stay at the same pace as the turtles?
A Speed Bump
A Tree
A Police Car
A Bug
How can I live with the land, yet destroy it as well?
People ignore more than the little things, you know.
The Birds, The Bees
The Many, The Few
The Cities, The Towns
The Me, The You
All little specks among an endless universe of dust.
How can you keep from going crazy when the whole world is driving you insane?
A Speed Bump
A Tree
A Police Car
A Bug
Knowing that someone was going to deny you three times, but only have it known to others as a bird crowed.
How could you forgive a man who hurt you so?
I do loathe the many who claim they forgive, then lie as the commit an act that is by definition, unforgivable. I cannot imagine a world that is not full of liars. So many have passed without a glance, but I spare a look to find a guilty conscience. Everyone is readable, no matter how good they are at hiding it. So many people only do good things to cover up the bad.
Does anyone do it for the sake of doing it?
The Car
The Land
My City
His Hand
Why bother living in this world of jerks?
I’d prefer the other side.
A Speed Bump
A Tree

A Police Car
A Bug
I could hear the bloodcurdling scream coming from my throat, before I felt the full force of the impact.
Hitting a speed bump, crashing into a bug, head through a tree. The police, they did come.

But I was already gone.

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