Prolog to my book

July 8, 2012
By Zechariah Davis BRONZE, Cairo, New York
Zechariah Davis BRONZE, Cairo, New York
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Darkness, a void that fills empty space that consumes the light and soul of its very host. Leaving nothing just a hollowed body filled with emptiness. Let me start from the beginning, autumn a month of death when trees die with the slaughter of each leaf, where leaves plummet to there decomposing graves. I still remember when the leafs were of a golden color as they danced about in the wind, where a child’s laughter filled in the air as she pranced happily to her father. But that memory is fading, I have forgotten the face of my father.

Tears formed in the eyes of mom as we pulled out of the driveway of the abandoned house, where echoes of the memories of the happy family once were. This is it mom said wiping her eyes kissing the hanging cross that swung on the rear view mirror. Pulling out the driveway I rest my feet on the dusty dashboard, glaring out the window. Slowly I began to nod and until I could not stand it any longer my eyes closed and everything went dark but at the same time it wasn’t. Waking to mom’s prayers I repetitively blinked my eyes to obtain consciousness of my surroundings. Glancing out the window I focused, as my eyes scanned to find any information of our current location, Lincoln Street the sign read. The car creaked as it came to a stop, looking at a hollow white house where a great oak once flourished on the front lawn. I knew we made it to our new home.

The author's comments:
tell me what you think, this will help me with the scary novel i'm working on.

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