The Hazing

July 7, 2012
By foreverinthekingdombythesea SILVER, Leland, North Carolina
foreverinthekingdombythesea SILVER, Leland, North Carolina
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"True love stories never have endings."
-Richard Bach

The sore,nude pads of my feet trudged on through the snow,crunching the leaves and twigs that lay scattered on the forest floor. My body felt numb but somehow I was still able to continue on. The sonority needed me as much as I needed their recommendation to get into Harvard, and they knew that. The had reached into their magic bag of tricks and pulled out the easiest challenge they could give me. To journey through the forest on Christmas Eve naked,find a tree and sleep through the night.There was worse. I wasn't planning on passing this up.

The snow was falling heavier then before by the time I finally reached a tree I was able to climb bare. The first step wedged my right foot in-between giant limbs. Once I managed to get my foot out I scurried up the right to the next landing which is where I decided would be my bed this very night. I got as relaxed as I possibly could with a piece of wood up your a** and leaned my head back. The snow flakes tickled my legs. I knew they were turned pink under the cold. Later,purple. Most likely,by morning I'd be half dead. Yet it would all be worth it. My eye lids were heavy and closing. The world was faded away slowly,until I saw it. The eyes. Red,cruel looking orbs and then the hissing sound. It pierced my ear lobes and instinct sank it. With a scream,my body rolled of the branch and landing on the snow covered ground. The feeling came back to my legs and I was off.The sound of my huffing and puffing couldn't distract me from the shake of the ground underneath my feet. Something was following me. Something was going to kill me. My speed increased.I was so close. So close to the edge of the forest,where you could spot the bakery and a single street light. To pass those would of been a miracle,I know now. My foot got caught on a root and I smacked down motionless. Trying to get up it finally reached me. I felt the sting as it dug it's knife-like teeth deep into my leg and drained my vains of blood. I felt as my soul began to slip away into another world. The finished me off and left my pale carcass to rot at the edge of the woods where they found me the next morning. And they thought they had made it all too easy for me. They were wrong.Forgetting about the vampires that lurk right outside our doors.

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