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July 5, 2012
By craxybabz BRONZE, Grasmere, Other
craxybabz BRONZE, Grasmere, Other
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Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'

Erich Fromm

Liberty. Right there is she. Taunting me – at Tala’s side – is this her? No – she would bring me back…. from where though? Had I gone somewhere – surely not? Kill – whispers ragged in my ears – leaving her lips – but which her? She moves forward – her eyes – the night sky – seep through my body – past the iron she comes and at my side she stands. Again – Tala echoes – kill – shivers erupt in my spine. Gold – the dagger – placing it in my hand – I feel warmth – maybe it will free me. So I call her – ever so softly – like the weak glow of the moon – in the reign of darkness. Liberty comes – sniggering – but the glint of gold reflects in her amber eyes – bringing the fear – hidden under the surface. It places itself – tearing her life – and her screams go on – never ending. I peer into her eyes – and almost gasp – no fear – no hurt – only laughter remains. Her lips curl into a small smile – and as she draws in one last grasping breath – she utters – “You freed me.” It takes forever and no time at all for her body to lie still – perfectly placed – against the crushed gravel. And slowly they flash – gliding in front of my eyes – memories.

The grass blades pinch our skin – leaving red marks – not once do they hurt us. Blonde, black and auburn locks – intertwine – midnight blue gazes into lime green – amber stares at the skies – together we belong. Once there had been strawberry tresses and blue eyes – yet monsters lay under the surface – only reappearing to take her away. Tala – she had been – wolf girl she had been called – had taken the plunge and was swept away. Our mourning lasted – but not forever – we came to the field – we didn’t want to forget. Her flowers were there – clear white and dazzling in the sunlight – bright, bright, bright. I put my hand in his and the other in hers – Axel and Liberty – boyfriend and best friend – they would never forsake me. The sky darkens – making room for the stars. The wind’s chilly breath dances on our cheeks. Soon I can taste the rain – heavy and sweet – comes down lightly – and my tears blend – sweet and salty. We stay – mud drenching our backs – letting the tears flow – yet smiling we still are. She is happy – we are sure of it – unless something lay deeper – but we think nothing of it. Lightning comes – jagged it is – up in flames – the old oak tree. She used to hang off it – dangling precariously – with that goofy grin of hers. I smile – tears drying – they take me in. But looking back – in the moonlight I see – is that her there? She waves and smiles at me – yet, it is small – not reaching her eyes. He calls to me – slow is Axel’s voice – I close my eyes – open again – gone – just an illusion. I smile – I’ll always remember – always – always – always….

It was the night of the beginning – she came in the night and spoke sweet things – but eventually they became taunts – soon it was being trapped behind that gateway. Iron rusts – creaking as it came down – vines disguise the broken bricks – enclosing me. My breath stops short – her cackles causes me to shudder. Her eyes are black – now longer brilliant blue – digging deeper into my skin. Scream – scream – scream….

Blood. Her blood. Staining my everlasting whiteness – weighing me down. Tala – her eyes are fading – fading fast – blue again they are. Blank – for a moment – than her face – crumples. Tears – blood red tears – she yells, screams at me – I do not understand. She takes a shaky breath – her cry slows – “Run, run away” – the gateway opens. I see the light of the other world – the real world – and start to run. But wait – her voice stops me – I turn there she is. Golden hair faded but still the same as before – she smiles. Tala – her murmur stays with me – “don’t give into the darkness, Perdita.” – they turn walk away and her blood washes away…..

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