Calls to chastise

July 5, 2012
By Maryam GOLD, Sydney, Other
Maryam GOLD, Sydney, Other
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If tears could form a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd climb right up to heaven, and bring you back again.

Creeping through the corridors, aware of what was hiding in between the walls as I camouflaged in the ominous shadows. Fear sliced through my heart as I stumbled to a halt. The moonlight filtered through the curtains, revealing a vast hall barricaded with rotting bodies. My teeth glinted in the gloomy darkness, my eyes glazed with fear as I prepared to go outside within the bitter pitchiness. My face was chalk white as I stepped forward, preparing to face my doom. Heart skipped a beat as he stooped down; positioning his axe, ready to devour my soul. I felt the crowds eyes pierce into me as the axe suddenly penetrated through the layer of flesh. The crowd the crowd took this as a moment to savour the triumph and relief of losing again one of the king’s wives.
They had not known of the secret, the real reason why I was punished for as I had not betrayed my husband. Yet, people thought this even though I had informed them many times I haven’t. What’s the use anyway? Everyone is as stubborn as a mule these days, none would believe me. Suddenly, a chill ran through me, chilling the very marrow of my bones, I was not dead physically, in body sense, but there now, floating in mid air was my personality. My head was cut in the middle; it did not get cut completely neither left in peace. Me, just cut into there, between life and death.

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