Killer Diaries

July 3, 2012
By Anonymous

"AnnaLeigh Teras to the principal's office" The intercom crackled. Again? AnnaLeigh thought. It was the 3rd time this week, and if her parents found out they would kill her. After all, she was from the prestigous Teras family, Daughter of Kimberly and Andrew Teras, the famous hollywood couple. Her mom was a model, who now owned her own design company which is majorly popular, called KT. Her dad was L.A.'s favorite plastic surgeon...or as he called it "Beuty Enhancer". So Effing Lame. These types of things always ran through her head as she walked the familiar path to the office, strolling in past the secretary, and slumping down in her usual seat. Mr. Steffan, or as the students called him, Mr. Stuffing, waddled to his seat. "Ms. Teras, you did not report for detention yesterday, or the day before. Care to explain?" AnnaLeigh sighed "Can we be done now?" she asked. Stuffing sighed and said simply leave. Nobody ever understood her. Everyone was nice to her, because she had money, and threw parties, but when morning came around, and she was hurrying to clean up before her parents arrived, not one person was around to help her; nobody to talk to her about how funny her arch nemesis, Kassie Karlton, looked drunk. Forever alone. But maybe she deserved it. After The Incident, everybody wondered if it was her who did it, and even though nobody would admit it, she was the prime suspect. Too bad it wasn' was me.

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