Gone Forever?

June 21, 2012
By ilovedifferently BRONZE, Taftville, Connecticut
ilovedifferently BRONZE, Taftville, Connecticut
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“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”
― Dr. Seuss

Clutching onto my cellphone we continue our conversation.
“Where are you?” I ask.
“I don’t know, it’s dark and we are moving…” She replied. After her response the line went dead. For ten whole minutes I just stood there with the phone pressed against my ear hearing the dial tone. I start pacing back and forth thinking about the possibilities on where she could be going or where she could be. I start to go to my happy place so I would be less nervous. I envision my mom. Her holding me in her arms rocking back and forth on our porch swing. She looks at me and smiles. Then she says
“Baby girl, I hope all your dreams come true. Just don’t forget to dream big and think the impossible.” Every time I picture her I can’t help but smile. But then, tears rush to fill my eyes. I miss her so much. I start to picture her again when my thoughts are interrupted by a car door slam. Then I hear footsteps to what seems to be the trunk of the car. I start to panic. Is he back? Is he going to kill me? Will he set me free? All those questions rush to my mind. Then I hear screams. I know he has someone with him. Then the warehouse door creeks open. The moonlight shone in my eyes so I couldn’t see who was with him at first. When he shut the door I could finally see who was standing there. Then when I finally looked, there standing about 15 feet away from me was the person I was talking to not even 30 minutes before. I just stood there in shock. He threw her on the ground.
“Don’t you dare lay another finger on her” I yelled, he chuckled. She said
“Sky its ok. I’m fine. Just be careful, you don’t know what he could do to you.”
“You should listen to your sister, you know.” He said with a laugh. I just looked at him and glared. To be honest I didn’t really care if he hurt me. All I cared about was saving my sister. I looked back at my sister and just smiled. I then whispered
“everything is going to be fine” but to be honest I didn’t really know if it was or not. At any moment he could snap and kill us. He picked her back up and dragged her into a back room. I start to scream,
“No! Bring her back here, you hear me!” he doesn’t listen. Instead he comes back alone. Comes to me and smacks me across the face, and walks back to my sister. I hear her start to scream. I try to say something but silence is all that escapes my mouth. She starts to scream but not just like screaming but screaming someone’s name. I listen closely and figure out whose name she’s screaming… mine… all you can hear for 5 minutes is her screaming
“Skylar!” I try staying quiet so he doesn’t try to hurt me next but I couldn’t take it anymore. So I yelled back.
“Demi!” I didn’t think she heard me so I screamed again. All that did was cause him to come back to the room I was in. He walked right up to me. And put a nice big piece of duct tape right over my mouth. I tried screaming but all you heard was muffled noises. I tried wiggling one of my arms free from the tie wrap but that was impossible. Then I tried licking the tape off but I just ended up with a very disgusting taste in my mouth. About 15 minutes later, screaming started up again. When I heard her start screaming I felt a nail go through my chest. That’s Demi, my twin sister, screaming for mercy in the next room, and all I can do is hang here and listen to it all. Literally hang here... I think back to when the man brought me here. He brought me into that room also. The things he did to me were unimaginable. When he dragged me onto that bed, I couldn’t even believe that, that was happening to me right then and there. I cried and cried and cried. He smacked me every time I started to cry. He then took out a knife and started to cut my thigh and arm. Every time he would dig in a little bit deeper. I would scream louder. He then just got sick of me screaming, I presume, so he took duct tape and taped my mouth shut… After what seemed to be forever he then left. That’s when he went to go get Demi. Every time I think of him, I remember this moment. I hear screams. But it doesn’t sound like Demi. It sounds more like him. So, I got confused, I mean what the h*ll. Why would he be screaming? Then I know. I bet he wasn’t smart enough to tie up her feet. I start to chuckle. She was smart enough to kick him in the groin. She starts screaming for help, so I start to wiggle my way out of the tie wraps. Again all I get is more cuts on my wrists from how tight he tied them but I suck it up and continue to try. Nothing is stopping me from getting untied to help my sister. Well maybe this stupid tie wrap because all it is doing is cutting up wrist. But I mean I will cut off my hands if it helps me to save my sister from that... that man. I hate that in this very moment all I can do is hang here and just listen while that man does whatever he wants with my sister. He walks right up to me and stands there in front of me. His eyes look innocent, almost looking like he cares about something. I open my mouth to say something but he stops me and asks me a question.
“How the f*** did you get that duct tape off your mouth when you’re tied up?!” I try again to make out a word but only air escapes from my mouth. No words. He smacks me and this time yells at me.
“I asked you a question b****!” I fight back the pain and tears. I finally said:
“Obviously you have really crappy, cheap duct tape.” He chuckled.
“You think you’re a hot shot don’t you, thinking you can fool me. Out play me. This is my game b****, I’m the master you’re just the student. Not even that. You’re my pet. A player in my game.”
“Well what if I don’t want to play?” I asked. As he started walking to the door he turned around and said
“Too bad. It already started. Game on.” He left the warehouse chuckling. When he left I screamed for Demi. There was no answer. I yelled again.
“Demi! He’s gone. Please answer me.” After a while she answers me. Her voice very faint and weak. She says
“Where did he go? Is he coming back?”
“I don’t know. I hope not.” I answer back. I can hear her having trouble breathing.
“Skylar. I don’t know how much more of this I can handle. Blood is dripping everywhere.” I can hear her getting weaker and weaker as she speaks. I ask her
“Can you break the rope that he tied you with?”
“Yeah, I think I can. It doesn’t feel very tight.” She answers. I think to myself
“Luckily you had that pleasure of being tied with rope. I have f***ing tie wrap.” The next thing I know I hear a thud.
“DEMI! What happened?”
“I got loose.”
“Oh ok. Where are you bleeding from?”
“My thighs and my arms”
“D*mmit. Is there a rag or anything near you?”
“How many rags are there?”
“Um about five of them I think”
“Ok, Demi this is what you got to do. Find the four cleanest ones and come to me.”
“Ok. Got them.” She walks into the room I’m in and runs up to hug me.
“Demi, there is duct tape over to your left, go get it.”
“Now bring it over here.” She walks over to me and sits down. I tell her to wrap her legs up first. She only wraps her left arm because he didn’t get to her right arm. After she stopped the bleeding I asked if she could untie me. She couldn’t undo the tie wrap herself so she had to find something to cut it with. All she found was a pocket knife. She kind of scared me at first because all I could see was her coming at me with a pocket knife so I thought she was going to stab me. After I got untied, we looked for more rags so I could patch up my wrists. After about an hour he came back. When he walked in the door you could tell that he was pi*sed just by the way he was glaring at us. He began to walk towards us. Luckily Demi still had the knife in her hand. She ran up to him and stabbed him in the chest. After he fell to the ground, we picked him up and tied him to the bed in the next room. We finally got to escape that horrid place. After a few minutes we finally got out. We went walking around outside for a bit before we finally got comfortable about which way we had to go. It was north, I believe, at least to our aunts anyway.
“Demi, it’s time for us to go. And we will not be coming back. EVER!” I said,
“This place will be dead to us forever.” And so will that man I thought to myself, but I wouldn’t say this out loud because Demi just stopped crying about what happened. By the time we started walking to what we think was north, it was dark. Not pitch black, but we did need a flash light, thank god he had one. The road was rough and had a lot of cracks in it, even with the flashlight, I kept falling. It surprised me that Demi went through that, but I was the weak one. She was always the stronger one. Cars kept going by, honking- perves I thought- and saying,
“Looking cute, girls.” Demi kept almost throwing up, that ugly a** man did a good job on her. She had scars covered by rags everywhere. I had to laugh to myself, because if you didn’t know her, you would think she was bad a** and weak all at the same time. That was Demi for you, always tricking you, always changing. She looked at me,
“What?” she asked.
“Nothing, just wondering how you are?”
“Good I guess, well for what happened anyway. How are you? I know you had to hear those screams.” She was about to start crying again, being her twin and all, I could easily tell when something with her was about to happen.
“Aww honey, don’t cry, not now. And yes I heard those screams, but I am okay. Because now I know you are alive and are going to be okay.”
“I love you”, I heard her say softy. I didn’t have to say anything because she knows my answer to everything she tells me. I hugged her and we kept walking with my arm around her. So, this is what having a peaceful state of mind was like? I liked it.
“It’s time for us to be going home, sweetheart”, I told my sister.
“Just about another half hour, but we’re together, so we can make it. Forever.”
“I know we can”, Demi said. But, of course, just then, the man came out of a car that stopped next to us.
“S***”, Demi and I both said. He just laughed.
”Should’ve thought about it before you thought I was alone in there, sweet pea”, he said.
“Well time to go.” Not this time I thought, I looked at my sister and we both agreed.
“Not this time. This time…We fight”, we said in unison. We fought like we have never fought before. This is the end of our story; we made it out and made it home in a few pieces. If you ever see that man, don’t go near him, he’s deadly.

The author's comments:
when people read this i want them to look at all the murders and killings there are out there in this world and then see if there life truly sucks.

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