The Hole Deep Down

June 8, 2012
By SFresh BRONZE, New Brunswick, New Jersey
SFresh BRONZE, New Brunswick, New Jersey
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It started off when i just moved to a new neighborhood. I noticed that every time I passed by my next door neighbor's house the lights were always off . My father told me that this little girl that used to live there got raped and murdered, But I didn't believe him . While me and my older sister , Alex were walking to school we noticed something strange about the house, It had no windows. I thought to myself , how do these people breath ? After school me and my sister wanted to check out the house . We had our phones ready , Just in case something bad happens. The front door was open, so we just walked in and started looking around . I was kind of nervous because there was no one in there . We saw a strange red door and decided to open it, When all of a sudden this dog came out of nowhere and Alex screamed

_“ OH S*** ! “

We started running like crazy . Alex headed for the front door but she didn't realize that the front door was gone . I screamed to her “ Come here there's no way out ! “ So we both ran in the basement . We both started to look around . I Was so scared , Alex noticed this deep hole way in the back of the basement . I looked over it and i saw blood inside it .

_“ We gotta get out of here “ I Said to Alex . “

_“ Wait ! “ Alex Replied . “ Maybe the girl that dad said got raped and murdered is in that hole “

_“ Alex you don't understand da made that lie up just to make us not go in there . “

_“ Why would he lie about that though ? “

_“ I don't know but if it was true then that happened years ago , I'm sure they found her body already . “

_“ No dad said they never did . “

_“ And dad said they never didn’t , so lets find a way out so we can go home and eat . “

_“ What ever , We could've had millions of dollars If we found that body . “

We heard the front door open and decided to hide under this coach that was in the basement . We started hearing their conversation . We didn’t know exactly who was talking but we knew it was a man's voice and a girls .

_ “ Did you do it ? “ The women asked the man .

_ “ No, I’m working on it . “The man Replied .

_ “ I better get it tomorrow or else ! “

_ “ What are they talking about ? “ I Asked Alex .

_ “ I have no idea . “ She replied .

After we were done talking we noticed that it got quite all of a sudden . We heard them open the basement door , And we ran to the corner of the basement . My sister was breathing hard so i had to cover her mouth . We heard the door slam .

_ “ Are you okay ? “ i asked Alex .

_ “ I'm Fine “She replied .

We started to walk around the basement .

_ “ Lets find a way out . “ Alex said

_ “ How ? “ I replied .

_ “ Hey look there's a air vent ! “ Alex said .

_ “ Maybe we can find a way out . “

So we crawled into the air vent . We worked our way to the kitchen . There was no one there . We tried to go out through the front door but there was no door knob . It was just a flat door with no window on it .

_ “ F*** ! “ Alex Yelled .

_ “ Were stuck here . “ I Replied .

_ “ No S*** . “

_ “ What We Gana Do Now ? “

_ “ I Don't Know “

We started walking up the stairs to see if there was a way out . We saw a whole bunch of rooms . So me and Alex decided to split up . I went right and she went left . I got to admit i was kind of scared . We hugged each other and promised if one of us get lost or we can’t find each other to not leave one another behind .As i was walking i noticed something strange about all the rooms . That all the doors were wide open . I wondered if it was a trap or all the doors were really meant to be open .

Finally , I walked into this weird and strange room It looked like a never ending room from my view . I stared at the door , I decided to walk in .

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