The House

June 20, 2012
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The house on the corner has always given me the chills, bricks form crazy patterns, and the cracked glass gives a deserted look. As I approached with my bag tightly secured on my back, I carefully dodged stingy-nettles that had overgrown the path. The iron-gate almost shattered as I forced it to move, the gate screeched open. Immediately the air felt close and the building seemed tall, I crept across the overgrown path, despairingly looking for the letter box.
In the middle of the cracked oak door I saw the rusty letter box, taking a deep breath I moved cautiously, desperately fearing what might lurk behind.
Forcing the package through the letter box, the door creaked open to reveal a tatty ebony table with a crystal ball on top, looking into the dark centre gave me shivers down my spine. A frantic cry for help echoed through the dark corridors, stopping my urge to flee.
Following the haunting cries I stepped forwards into the darkness, I was surrounded by subtly sinister sounds, I could see a light coming out of the first room, I went inside, there was a horrific sight; a pale girl with eyes as black as night weeping in the corner, the girl was a twisted version of the newest student at my school. She was barely recognisable as the same person she whimpered “Go!” She looked terrified as i stood there. “Go. Don’t let IT, catch you!”

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