the dead world chapter one

June 12, 2012
By kyle mcarthur BRONZE, Wilsonville, Oregon
kyle mcarthur BRONZE, Wilsonville, Oregon
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6941 North Central Street
Portland, OR 97203
The cold black air filled the offices, lights flickering, shattered glass scattered the cold concrete floor. Desks were flipped on their sides to shield her from the figure who tried to grab her. She was tall, about 5’, 11’’ and thin only 110 pounds. She had been the most beautiful girl at school. Now the school was empty. Ever since the outbreak people were fleeing town. Trying to escape the clutches of those who craved their flesh, on the streets cars were burning. Barricades broken down by the military had been pushed aside. Semi trucks flipped on their sides.

A scream pierced the dark air of the sky? As the girl tried to hit them with the leg of a chair, she fought her way to the door of the school. When the girl ran out she saw more of them. No less the 75 infected creatures were slowly, ominously limping with the flesh of their arms peeling away towards her some running.

A car was cruising down the road, when the sound of her scream pierced the ear of the 17 year old boy. She was no less than 2 blocks from him. He put the pedal to the floor and the car barreled down the road. Charging into the darkness like a bull charging at its rider. A hand stuck out of the window. In it a silver desert eagle and on the handle an ivory grip (with the name Jeremy on it), then a flash of light escaped from the black barrel and chased the bullet. The bullet traveled strait through the bodies of three zombies and stopped in the forth. The figures dropped down in front of the tires, their heads exploded as the full weight of the car was upon them.

He knew he had to hurry in order save her.

He saw her, she was surrounded by them. He charged for them. Then at the last second, he turned hard to the right and the car drifted, he ripped on the E-brake, (conquering 18 of them and leaving the passenger door of the black dodge magnum right to her left). “Get in NOW!” Jeremy screamed to her as he shot two who tried to grab her.
She dived into the car and slammed the door.
“Don’t hurt me please” she pleaded as the car took off again.
“Why would I?” He replied. “So… what’s your name? My name is Jeremy Lorio”
“Tess, Tess Dimercinio I’m only 17 so don’t try anything”
“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, slow down how old do you think I am?’re 17, I thought you were 18 or 19”
“Wow, didn’t think I looked that old… I am 17 too” Jeremy continued “Got any family cause if you don’t you can stay with me”
“nice ride” Tess commented as she ran her hand over the dash.
“Thanks it’s a dodge magnum, I have a challenger back at the base (but this) is my assault car”

The car traveled in silence as both of them watched to see night continue to fall. It was only 8:00 P.M. but pitch black and cold, the wind howled as it rushed down the streets. The car lit the way as the headlights waged war against the darkness. Just ahead they could see the silhouette of a 13 year old boy. “WAIT!” Tess screamed as she pointed at the boy.
“What is it?”
“It’s a boy; he’s in trouble you have to help him”
“Alright you stay here” Jeremy said as he retrieved two motorcycle jackets and two pairs on motorcycle pants. Jeremy left his desert eagle on the driver’s side seat; he grabbed a hunting shotgun, and a S.W.A.T. pump action tactical shotgun. Then he checked to make sure no zombies were close and he threw on one set of motorcycle gear and ran in with the other.
With the black motorcycle gear and S.W.A.T. shotgun on his back a and the hunting shotgun in his hand he looked scary, a modern black knight towering at 7’,2” and weighing in at 150 pounds.
He charged through the door of the café with guns blazing as he shot he saw tables flipped over, chairs broken, and the young boy throwing glass bottles and plates at the zombies (and stabbing at them with a pair of kitchen knives).
Jeremy ran at the zombies shooting them, punching them, and smacking them with the butt of the shotgun. Then when he reached the 13 year old he slowed down. “Hey, I’m Jeremy and I’m here to get you out of here.”

“Thank you so much” the boy continued “my name is Alex.”

“Cool, now let’s get out of here” Jeremy said as he threw the S.W.A.T. 8 gauge shotgun (with personal 8 gauge shells that Jeremy made) to Alex.

“Thanks Jeremy”

“No prob., man”
Meanwhile outside Tess was staring at the pistol that lay on the seat. Tess reached her hand out to grab it then pulled it back. Finally she looked up to see zombies in front of the car.
Without thinking Tess leapt for the gun and jumped out of the door. She shot at 3 zombies with 4 shots hit them all in the head (and missed the head once but hit its chest).

Just as she shot the creatures Jeremy and Alex stepped out of the café.
“Dang, did you know she could shoot like that”

“Nope, not at all… I didn’t even know she could shoot a gun”

“You calling dibs?”

“Dude your 13, she’s seventeen, I’m seventeen… of course I’m calling dibs, ‘cause you’ve got no shot man.”

Tess turned around to see the boys and, alarmed… she stuffed the desert eagle in her pocket.
“You boys coming?”

“Yep” Jeremy answered as he climbed into the front with Tess.

As the car eased forward they saw the horde coming fast. There was a pair of gigantic “wrestler” like zombies with their massive arms and fists protecting them and heading full speed at the car. There was also two massive body builder looking zombies that were picking up cars to throw.
“Alex get in the middle of the back seats.” Jeremy commanded.
“Ok” Alex replied cheerfully. Just as Alex sat in the middle, Jeremy pressed a button and the roof of the car opened. “Put on a motorcycle helmet.” Jeremy ordered.
“Why?” Alex asked in a perplexed manor.
“Trust me on this one, you will be safer that way.”

Alex pulled the motorcycle helmet over his head and dropped down the visor. Jeremy pressed another button that sent Alex’s seat up through the hole in the roof and a large browning .50 caliber turret rose up and over Alex. “Do I get to use this?”

“No its just for looks… DUH! Of course now shoot anything that you see in front of the car, or on the sides, there is a joystick on the seat that you can use to turn the seat.”

“Yes sir!”

Alex kept his hand on the trigger, mowing down every single zombie that tried to get to the car. The ammo belt was so long that it had to be stored in five compartments that were connected to each other down in the storage area of the car. As soon as the horde had been reduced, from 75 to 10 Tess said softly
“Kill the lights and drop the turret Jeremy” Tess ordered and Jeremy dropped Alex back down and punched on the gas.
“I can’t let them destroy my life, I can’t let them get to my friends, I will die before my comrades’ fall”. Jeremy told himself as he gunned it at the remaining infected. The car collided with the bodies and they shattered and the blood splattered onto the jet black body work of the car. Jeremy turned on the lights and began to cruise again. “When will this ever end” he asked to himself.
The found themselves approaching Riverdale high school. The last 30 minutes of diving should have been 18 without all the trouble of attacks. It felt as if it had been 5 hours of driving. As they got close they could see two 18 year olds running from their perches and jumping from the roof to to roof of a warehouse then disappearing into the building.
“Jeremy watch out we might have raiders.” Alex said as he grabbed his shotgun.
“Wait up don’t jump the gun” Jeremy snapped back. Jeremy pulled into an alley way with a huge warehouse door in front of them. Just then the two boys emerged again both with .358 magnums holstered on their right side. One was holding an MP5 the other, an SAW or Squad Assault Weapon. They couldn’t see Jeremy through the blacked out windows so Jeremy pulled out his phone and began texting his sister:

It’s Jeremy we are outside in my dodge magnum license plate: 993-HLT.
Tell my brother and your, boyfriend to stand down before I shoot them both with non-lethal rounds to the arms and send the stinging force of 10 paintballs at once.


But seriously tell them to lower their weapons.

“Who’s Samantha?” Tess asked, because she was slowly falling in love with him.
“She’s my sister!”
“So you don’t have feelings for her?”
“No of course not! That would be creepy”

Calm down bro. I’ll tell them to lower their weapons, and call me Sam!

Just then Samantha emerged from the door way and forced the guns of the boys down. “You’re clear to drive in” Sam yelled as she opened the large garage door and directed the car in.

The author's comments:
this book has characters based off of me and my friends.

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