Miss Fluff and the stolen necklace.

June 14, 2012
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Miss Fluff and the stolen necklace.

Ring, ring, cried the phone “oh darn it, just when I was getting ready for my evening sleep, its okay now let’s see who disturbed me.’’ I ­said as I walked lazily to the phone. “ hello Miss fluff here, what your necklace is stolen ? ,by an alien ? ,okay I’ll be there in two minutes .’’I said. The road was busy and when I arrived at Miss Betsy’s house I saw green sparkly footprints on the front porch. Astonished but with confidence, I went in.

‘‘OH ,at last you came Miss fluff, I was petrified thinking you wouldn’t come and besides what would happen then ?’’ said miss Betsy very worried’’ ‘‘don’t worry miss Betsy ,I am here now and will solve your case in no time .’’ ‘‘Now lets see this surely looks like the work of a great expert.’’ I said ‘‘what, are there experts in mars too? ’’ Asked Miss Betsy ‘‘No! No! No! I don’t think the thief is from mars because an alien would never leave clues as our human thieves would.’’ I said and chuckled. Early the next morning I set out to find more details on the slimy substance I found and to do so I went to the town laboratory and gave it to Milston so that he may check it out. ‘‘hmm, miss fluff Perfect piece of slime you got here usually found in swamps around brolix, there’s an old cottage there maybe they could help you out .At least I think so, what do you?’’Asked milston ‘‘I think, that’s best. I’ll do that first thing tomorrow.' I replied and as just as I said I went to visit the cottage, they greeted me very respectfully. I told them everything and they took me to the swamp and we headed back to the cottage. But, there was one man who said ‘‘dear Madame, I’ve worked for Miss Betsy and I assure you she’s one whole nutcase.’’Saying so he left.

I found him a little suspicious so I followed him, and to my surprise I saw him talking to Miss Betsy’s butler and he said Mat, we have a problem. miss fluff is after us and is bound to get to know about us in no time, so lets do something and get out of the country.’’ The butler agreed and I went off as I wanted to tell this to Miss Betsy immediately. But the men had followed me to my office where I went to get my file and proof and they threw in an opened tin of gas and a match. BOOOMM! The whole office exploded but luckily I escaped from the back door and they didn’t know about that door at all. I rushed to the police and told them everything. With them I went to Miss Betsy’s house, there I saw that man and the butler who have come to win Miss Betsy’s good heart. Oh, the look on their faces when they saw me and they were even more nervous when I told miss Betsy who did all these things. They ran away but the police ran after them and dragged them to the police van. As they were being dragged the crooks said “Good sir we are not murderers, we are only innocent burglars.’’

We all laughed and went to the places we each belonged and I went back home to catch up on the nap I lost.

BY:Ama Saumyadeepa Dias

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saumyadeepa said...
Jun. 22, 2012 at 6:21 am

YEAH! My story was published!

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