zombie take over

June 6, 2012
By Anonymous

There was a fellow man name “John Carter”. He wasn’t afraid of any living thing. Mostly every Friday “John Carter” goes to church. He goes to church because he doesn’t want anything to happen to him.. John Cater pray everyday so he can be alive.

One time John Carter went to a grocery store to buy some milk.. But what he didn’t know was that the employee wasn’t there well nobody was there at all.. So john just took stuff and just walk all slow

So when john got to his house he saw a tragic thing. He was so mad that he went to go hunt the person or thing that the tragic thing at his house. So when he went to go look A.K.A hunt he saw something awesome that he dreamed of this day off coming. he was wishing for this day to come true. He already had all his weapons he needed. he was so happy that he kinda cry.

So he packed up with all of his weapon. he had:
AK 47

So john carter had open the door with this voice “ Come at me bro”.. So when he was shooting at the zombies they only had one weak spot. their weak spot was the head . john only had to kill the one that was chasing him or that was just standing eating people brain. he was happy that he was actually killing zombies.

So john carter searches every house and apartments if he can find someone to help him. but he had a good luck because he found a 15 year old kid in an house at spoon st.. “hey lad what your name”said john. my name is Justin Torres. well its to nice meet you.said john. thank you .Justin.. well boy here's your weapon. wait what why you gave me a weapon for. well i gave it to you because there zombies taking over and we probably might find another kid or adult.. said “john.” well i hope it’s another boy. why you want a boy, why not a girl. well you john girl well be crying and we'll be scared off killing zombies. and boy there like real man and he won’t be scared of nothing..

watch out Justin.. what. ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh.. Its coming about 2 second too you bang..

wow that was some good shot john. thanks Justin

So john and Justin survived for 3 days.. they were looking for more people to help them. so they had another good luck. they actually found a 15 year old girl and that girl had a crush on Justin. hey sweetie what's your name.john said. my name is Ally. well its nice too meet you. The both gentlemen. So ally did you come prepared. Are you kidding me come follow me gents. said Ally.

WOW that's a lot of weapon you have there.. said john. thanks my dad was in the military. Awesome where is your father. well you see my father got infected by one of the zombies. oh so sorry .said Justin. well i hope you can be happy again.said Justin.

2 weeks later they later Ally was feeling happy because she had back up people that are now her friends. so Ally i was thinking if you wanna be my girlfriend.ask Justin. well if wanna know is that i see you like a brother to me. Oh sorry for asking that you . said Justin. its okay said ally. so how you been ally? “was it fun killing zombies with us me” said.Justin.

so when john,Justin,ally were prepared they got ready to kick some zombie butt.

“BANG BANG” dam THAT WAS SOME AIM YOU GOT THERE ALLY.. said john.. well we were glad to have a good soldier like ally. said john. well thank you john. said ally.

“its a good thing they're no big really big zombies coming here.” said Justin well my friend you think so wrong. said john. why you said john. well in 5.......4........3.......2.......1......... RAW RAW RAW RAW ... what the heck was that noise.said Justin. well if i was ya i would run for your life.said john. oh snap it’s like it coming close to us. said Justin and ally. RUN RUN.scream john. WOW that thing was like about to come at us. said ally. quickly held up to this latter said.john.

TO BE CONTINUED...................................

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