Miami Zombie

June 5, 2012
By Chilescalientes BRONZE, Chula Vista, California
Chilescalientes BRONZE, Chula Vista, California
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I wish I had collected all the years I shed for you so that I can drown you in them.

Ok so I had a dream and it was about zombies . First there were some scientist people and they mad a formula to revive dead people . then they thought of reviving the Miami cannibal , and so they did but it turns out that when the formula touches the skin of the dead , they don't want the same good that we eat , they want to eat us , our flesh . So we tried killing it but the formula made it indestructible , he runs much faster than us , he just wasn't all that smart . The scientists got bit by the cannibal with the formula . So what we decided to do is hide . Sooner or later the scientists were gonna turn into flesh eating zombies . The Cannibal kept on eating one after another alive people . Does this mean that the zombie apocalypse is about to begin ? Hopefully not , cause if it does we are all screwed . We decided so hide up in the mountains with lots of people that weren't infected or even close to it . We still couldn't see any more cannibals running loose , I guess my hypothesis was wrong . Suddenly , a matching band oh Highschool students ran towards us and told us to run , run for your lives . I was similar to that term . They were terrified . They said that their Highschool was full of dead eaten people . They said that they were attacked by a massive group of zombies . I had noticed that my hypothesis was correct and that one of the marching students had been bit , it was about an hour and 30 min for the disease to spread even more . I asked them how long ago w
as this and they said about an hour and like half an hour . I thought to myself ,well how convenient for us . This sucks cause I really want to live to tell this story more and more to lots of zombie kids it seems . We told them to go back from were they came from and that we don't wanna get infected so we closed our doors to them . once we closed them we heard loud thumps in our ceilings like if they were trying to get in through there . I opened my door and what I saw were no longer marching band students , they turned to flesh eating zombies with no heart to let us get a head start. I don't even know but once I opened my door I ran the fastest I've ran in my life with a 2 little babies . We had made it to the end of the fence we had to jump it to survive , I had 2 babies with me , this gonna be a challenge for me . I took off my sweater and wrapped both babies in it very tightly so they wouldn't fly out , then I put it inside my shirt and tied from the bottom , so that they don't fall through the bottom , obviously .
I don't even know how I managed to do that a so fast . I had three zombies coming at me like crazy so I climbed it as fast as I possibly could . When I jumped it the zombies were devastated , I was glad . What I didn't know was that it wasn't over the other side of the fence had even more zombies than the other one and they were coming right at me . Was this the end of my journey as Isabel , a fourteen year old nerdy girl ? I guess so . They started rippi

ng the babies limb by limb I was terrified . I knew I was next , I could feel one of the zombies savoring me . Not a good feeling when you know you're gonna get eaten by zombies ! So they ate me . I remember feeling them bite my neck , my back , my stomach . I felt them snatch my intestines out of my body completely & eat it like spaghetti . Somehow , I was still alive , I didn't know what I was , a zombie perhaps ? I was confused . After about two hours of excruciating pain , I managed to stand up . As I arose from the ground I found to be by the two babies . I didn't care for them . They were dead . Nothing I could do . I was extremely hungry, I thought since I was now a zombie I could eat anything & so I took the babies head and snatched it out of it's body , with my teeth. For does reason I liked it . It was good , and so I did it to the other one too . I was done . I was ready to tell everyone my mysterious zombie story . But they always run away , but then I catch up and eat them . That's the end of my zombie story . RAAAAAAWWWRR !

The author's comments:
I'm sorry if there are some unwanted spaces , but other than that . there was actually a real cannibal in Miami that ripped off a mans face at a nudist beach in Miami . You should google it , it's quite an amazing story .

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