Can you Keep a Secret?

June 1, 2012
By WildBane BRONZE, Browns Summit, North Carolina
WildBane BRONZE, Browns Summit, North Carolina
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I remember that week like it had only happened yesterday. It changed my entire life, so before I start my tale, I need to know: can you keep a secret?

I remember that cloudy morning waiting at the Wisconsin airport café, drinking some apple cider to keep me warm, and eating a plain bagel with low fat cream cheese. I was waiting for my grandma Willow to arrive to pick me up; I’d be staying with her for the next week while my parents went on a vacation. I LOVED staying with my grandmother, she was always so fun, and every time I visited, she had something new from the old days that I hadn’t seen the last time I was there. I met my grandma Willow at the front doors of the airport, and we walked through baggage to pick up my two suit cases of clothes, and games before walking across the parking freezing parking lot to her black ford pick-up. The car ride to my grandma’s ranch was filled with stories tales of my grandmother’s childhood. When we arrived at her home, we pulled up the long snow covered path up to the house, and my bags were brought up to my room. After dinner my grandma, and I sat down in front of the fireplace with some hot chocolate, and started going through the family photo album. Grandma willow had photos of just about everyone in the family, both young and old. While we were going through the album, I found a picture of my grandma that I hadn’t noticed before.
She was young, and there was a fang shaped emerald on a black string necklace around her neck. I asked her about the picture, she couldn’t really tell me much about it, but she went to get the necklace, and said that I could have it as my sixteenth birthday present. I put the necklace on; my grandma smiled at me and said that I looked exactly like her, when her grandmother gave her the necklace. She put both of our empty mugs on a tray and went to go wash the dishes from dinner. I looked outside, and immediately felt a major rush of energy, that seemed to be flowing from the necklace. This energy soon passed, and I just shrugged it off as just a strange feeling, the kind of feeling you get from receiving a present you really like.
After I had taken care of my nightly duties I sat down on my bed with my journal, and began recording the day’s events. I noticed something bright glimmering outside my window, putting down my journal I went to go investigate. I opened my window and looked around outside, but saw nothing. So I shut my window again, and went back to my journal. That’s when I heard a howl outside, I had never known my grandma had a dog, so I ran to my window, and there in the light of my window stood a wolf. He was white as the new fallen snow, with twinges of black here and there, and crystal blue eyes. We stared at each other, its eyes were emotionless and cold; the eyes of an alpha. “Hello there” I cooed to the wolf, it gave a snort, turned, and walked away. I watched it leave, but grew cold, and shut my window. I finished my journal, but slept rather uneasily that night, for every time I closed my eyes, I saw the wolf’s.
I jumped up excitedly the next morning, and ran downstairs to tell my grandma willow all that I had seen last night. She told me that the same thing had happened to her on the first night she had worn the necklace. There was a wolf pack that lived around her farm; she allowed them to stay because they didn’t cause any trouble. That got me to start thinking why had the alpha of all the pack member’s appeared at my window last night, why had he taken interest in me. There was a knock at my grandmother’s door later that evening; it was my friends Chase, Christi, and Mina. They had brought one of their new friends with them, his name was Kasey. He was a tall boy, kind of pale, with crazy, wild hair. His hair was mostly silver, with points of black, and highlights of white. Kasey wore white fur boots, and gloves that had the index, and middle finger slots missing on each. His shirt was a bit out of season, seeing as it was sleeveless, but had a white fur collar, that wrapped around the shoulders. His pants were Ivory colored, with a black belt, and his eyes were a cold crystal blue like the wolf’s eyes I had seen last night.
Throughout our activities that day, I hadn’t once heard Kasey talk. My friends swore that he talked, but just wouldn’t because he was probably nervous around me. I didn’t believe them, I believed that Kasey communicated through his eyes somehow, because all he did was stare at me with those cold blue daggers. I started to believe that I had done something wrong, Kasey didn’t join in any of out games, and he certainly never joined in our conversations, only stare at me, and always at me. I invited them all over for dinner that night; my grandmother didn’t have a problem with it. We all sat down at the table and indulged on a meal of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and collard greens. We all talked about the fun we had that day, all except for Kasey who only uttered the occasional ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘thank you’ to my grandma.
I went up to my room after dinner, and my shower, to write in my journal again. I saw the same flash again, but this time when I went to my window, I saw Kasey, and not the white wolf I had seen the other night. Kasey nodded at me, and began to walk towards the barn. I threw on my jacket and boots over my pajamas, and ran outside to the barn. When I arrived, there was no one there; I began to think my eyes were playing tricks on me. Half way back to the house I heard a yelp, I ran out towards the fields, and, nearly fell into a hole dug in the ground. I figured that some of the troublesome neighbors had dug it to capture some kind of animal. I peered into the hole, to see the alpha, he’d fallen in. I had just turned away to go get a rope to pull him out, but I saw a flash of light, he began to glow, and morph. My chocolate brown eyes grew in surprise, “Kasey?!” I nearly screamed. He hushed me “You must keep quite” he said, funny how his first words to me were telling ME to be quiet.
“You cannot tell anyone, do you hear me? No one must know!” he growled. “You can trust me Kasey, you’re secret’s safe here” I said with a reassuring smile. I offered him my hand to help him out of the hole, he pushed me away at first and reached for his rabbit, and apparently he had killed it, or had been chasing it before he ended up in the hole. He eventually accepted my help, and dragged himself out of the hole. Not long after, we were surrounded by at least seven other people, “My pack” Kasey explained, two males came over and propped Kasey up to help him walk “You know our secret, and you bear the necklace, therefore you are now our guardian. So I ask you again, can you keep our secret?” his eyes were the stern, cold eyes I had seen the first night. I flashed a kind smile to Kasey “Yes” I replied.

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