The Breathing

June 4, 2012
By JessicaFedran BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
JessicaFedran BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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The boy woke up out of his deep sleep. It was a bright morning, the sun shining through his window. Mark laid there for a minute, watching the dust float around, under the sun light.
“What should I do today?” Mark thought for a while then remembered something a friend told him at school. Right away Mark sprung out of his bed. Mark decided he was going on an adventure.

As Mark flew down the steps, skipping every other step, he ran into the soft, stomach of his mom.
“Whoa why are you in such a rush?” She asked.
“I’m going to go get Tim”
“Not until you have had your breakfast. Now come on, into the kitchen.”
“But mom!”

Mark trudged into the kitchen, glaring at his mom. He looked over at at the clock. 10:30.
“Mom I have to go! I’m wasting time!”
“You could stop wasting time if you would eat your oatmeal already”
He looked down at his lumpy, puke resembling breakfast. The aroma filled his head with the thoughts of old people, chowing down on these oats with their teethless mouth. Mark just about lost his appetite. He took a few spoonfulls as his mom watched him. There was a buzzer, reminding Mark’s mother of her laundry. Mark’s mother left the room while picking up a laundry basket. “Now Mark, finish your breakfast.” As soon as his mom left the room, Mark threw the oatmeal back into the big pot of lumpy, soggy oatmeal and ran out the door.
“By mom be back later mom!”
Mark ignored his mother’s call and just kept running. He cut through yards and bushes until he got to Tim’s house. He found Tim outside already playing basketball.
“Oh hey Mark”
“Tim, stop playing basketball. We’re going on an adventure.”
“Really? Where”
“It’s that old abandoned warehouse, that’s behind the forest not too far from here.”
“What’s so special about it?”
“I don’t know, Brady was just telling me about it and I thought we should check it out. It sounds interesting and there might be some treasures or something in there.”
“This sounds a little scary”
“Are you serious? You’re too scared to come? You’re such a baby”
“What?! I didn’t say I was too scared. Of course I’m going. It sounds cool.”
“Well come on then!”
The two boys walked, kicking rocks and battling each other with long sticks. They walked through trimmed back yards and over little bubbling creeks. They walked through the forest, smashing their sticks against tree trunks and climbing over barkless, fallen down trees. Then finally, there it was. The old abandoned factory. It sat very still in the middle of a silent field. The windows were covered in mold and dust and the pieces of the concrete walls were chipping off. It was very silent. The only thing Mark and Tim could hear were their soft footsteps into the long grass.
“Look how cool this looks!” Mark said
“How old do you think this place is?”
“I don’t know but who cares. Let’s go inside”
They ran up to the metal doors, full of excitement and adrenaline. The doors were huge and heavy. The rusty red paint was chipping of the door so the cool metal showed through.
“Look at this” Tim said. “The lock is already broken.”
On the ground by the door were pieces of the chain that once secured this building. The lock was thrown to the side. The strange thing about the lock was that it was bent and broken in half.
“Someone’s been here before.” Said Mark, “And they didn’t use a key.”
“This person has to be extremely strong. Look at the way they just ripped the chain and lock into pieces!”
“Maybe it was an animal?”
“Yeah okay, cause an animal is capable of doing that”
“It was probably one of the older boys. They look pretty strong and tough.”
“Hmm, I don’t know”
“Whatever, let’s just go inside and see if there’s any treasure left for us.”
The two boys grabbed the metal handles and pulled the heavy doors with all the strength they had. Right when they walked in, they could feel the thick dust wrap around their bodies, while a moldy pungent smell filled their noses. The warehouse was very dark. The only dim light came from the high windows that were covered with dust. It’s surprising that, that little light even shined through those windows. The dust was so thick, you couldn’t even see out of them. The warehouse was extremely tall. Stack of boxes lined the cold, moldy walls. You could hear the clawing of the mice running on the floor. A sense of eeriness filled Mark and Tim’s bodies, yet none of them said anything avoiding the torture of being called a chicken or baby.
“Come on Tim, let’s start looking through these boxes.”
Mark pulled out a flashlight. The boxes had layers and layers of dust on them and were all taped up. The boys ripped up these boxes to only be filled with disappointment. There was nothing but papers. Legal papers with money signs and big words that meant nothing to them.
“Let’s go further down. There’s probably actually cool stuff down there”
“I doubt it, but fine”
The two boys walked semi close to each other making sure they wouldn’t get lost. Tim looked behind him and saw the only light that came from the doorway, get dimmer and dimmer. They walked deeper and deeper into the thick darkness. The shadows of these boxes grew taller and darker.
The boys walked past a metal, bolted shelf with stacks of boxes. Mark saw something and quickly turned around. Suddenly four boxes came crashing down. Tim and Mark grabbed each other. Before they could even begin to panic, they saw a mouse run from underneath one of the dented boxes.
“Stupid mouse”, Mark said, “He’s damaging all the boxes.”
Tim laughed nervously. “Let’s start looking through the boxes here cause it’s really dark back there.”
“But these boxes are full of papers again! I’m going down there.”
“But it’s so dark down there and you’re the only one with a flash light.”
“Fine, you stay and look here, I’m going down there”
Tim looked at Mark nervously. Mark ignored the look and continued to walk into the depths of blackness. The light of the flashlight shined on to the boxes causing dark shadows to rise onto the walls. There was a blanket of dust laying on everything. Mark started ripping through the fragile boxes. But soon Mark stopped in his tracks. He felt something. Something that was watching him. He swung his body around and the light flashed unto a pile of boxes.
“Maybe it’s just a mouse.” But still, Mark felt uneasy. Mark continued to look through the boxes. He felt something tingly on his hand, something itchy. He glanced down at his hand and saw a big, shiny spider piercing it’s fangs into his skin.
“ouch!” Mark brushed the spider off fast, accidently throwing his flashlight. The flashlight shattered and the bulb went out. Mark could hear the flashlight rolling around on the ground.
“Great. Now what?”
Mark’s breathing got faster and faster. He started panicking. The darkness seemed more dense and thicker than before and Mark had no idea where he was. Mark stopped to think when suddenly his breath froze. There was a breathing in the distance. Mark listened. The breathing was deep and heavy and there was a type of growl to it. Mark’s heart started to race faster. “Maybe it’s Tim, maybe it’s Tim.” Mark’s head kept on repeating this line. The breathing was getting closer and the growling was getting louder.
“Run Mark run!” His mind kept on telling him this but Mark couldn’t move. He was frozen with fear as each one of his goose bumps raised. The breathing got closer and closer and Mark just continued to stay there. Soon the breathing was on the back of his neck. He could feel the hot breath touch his skin as the growling breath filled into his ears and throughout his body. Right before the breath got any closer Mark ran. He ran faster than a cheetah going after it’s prey.
Mark screamed “Run Tim! Run!”
Mark could see the light to the entrance getting lighter and closer. He kept his eyes on that doorway. Mark dared not looked back, he just kept on staring at that light that would save him. Mark flew out of the doorway and saw Tim standing outside.
“What wrong?’
“Tim just run!”
Tim knew, from the horrified look on Mark’s face, that he needed to run. The two boys ran. Faster than they’ve ever ran and didn’t stop until they were locked inside Mark’s house. The boys ran upstairs and collapsed onto Mark’s bed. They laid there catching their breath in relief and trying to put the pieces of what just happened together.
“Mark what happened? What’s wrong?”
Mark just stared out the window for some time, breathing hard. He didn’t know what to say or how to say it. Mark just stared blankly through his window. The only response Mark gave Tim was a deep, low breathing.

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