The Presence

May 30, 2012
By Anonymous

It was rainy, stormy, windy of October 30th Halloween. Sam was at his cousins house in the town of Gaylord, Mi. It was about 6 o’clock at night and he, his cousin, and some of his friends were getting ready to go trick or treating. They lived in a remote country side house. The nearest neighborhood to go trick or treating was 2 miles away. The eerie weather was perfect for the night of Halloween.
Sam and his cousin start to make their way through the neighborhood. It was a colder fall than usual and all the trees lost the last of their leafs. They continue to walk getting drenched in rain, They already shivered even though they hadn’t started trick or treating yet.
The wind was blowing strong making whistling noises through the bare trees.
“It is very spooky out tonight i hope nothing bad happens.” Sam says.
His cousin Adam replies “perfect for some kind of spooky Halloween trick but hopefully we will only be getting treats tonight”
Sam replies hesitating “”
Something about the night had a looming effect. They reached the neighborhood and are surprised to find the neighborhood packed with kids. We went around to all the houses murmuring the familiar saying.
“trick or treat give me something good to eat if you don't i don't care I’ll pull down your underwear.”

My cousin and i have received many comments on our costumes, i was donned in zombie apparel and Adam was a Jedi Knight. The end of the night was approaching very fast and the weather continued to worsen. The boys were still having a lot of fun. We jumped at the sound of screaming and noticed that we were the only ones left on the street.
“Mmmmaybe its time to head back home” Adam speaks in monotone.
Sam replies “I think so too”
The boys start to go back to Adams house on the rural road. They hear a creepy voice come from a ditch.
“Hey boys did you get a lot of candy?”

“Where did that come from?” I gasped.

“Right here” as a tall dark man jumps out of the ditch werling an axe.

“aaahhhhhh” The boys shrieked and ran as fast as their legs would take them. The man chased after them saying “Give me all your candy.”
Adam disappeared and Sam continued running and did not realize he was gone.
“Mom Adam disappeared i don’t know where he went” He burst into the house.
“Did a guy with an axe get him?”

“Yes” My jaw dropped.

“That was his friend, They were playing a trick on you he is coming home tomorrow.”

“Dang i was scared at least i know he is okay.” My heart still pounded.

The next day the cops come to his cousin’s mom house and reports that a boy was found dead in a ditch. He was killed last night around 10 o’clock.

“Oh my gosh i how did this happen.”

“ It looks like someone killed him with an axe.”

“ Ma’am we will find him as quickly as possible”

“Thank you”

She closes the door never to hear from the cops or her son again.

Tone: The tone of my story is supposed to be a deeper darker tone. As the weather is supposed to represent in the story the boys getting chased and the people screaming and going to their houses. there are supposed to be no happy points in the story.

The author's comments:
I based it off of a halloween mystery you might see in a tv show.

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