skipping a beat

May 30, 2012
By evan coulombe BRONZE, Gray, Maine
evan coulombe BRONZE, Gray, Maine
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I have lived in the same town and house with my brother, mom, and dad for my entire life. We are located next to a small, old cemetery that is no longer in use. You can only be buried there if they were your relatives. We have never had anything out of the ordinary happen around our home and were never worried about it. We had a lot of positive energy in that house and never had done anything to disrupt the peace which is why these things can happen to anyone.

Our house is all one story, with three bedrooms, kitchen, living room, dinning room and bathroom all on the same level. Im located right next to my brothers room. Our parents had left for the entire night to attend a wedding the following morning. After a normal day we went to bed around twelve at night exhausted from running around all night. I remember waking up around one to the sound of my brother talking. I couldn't understand what he was saying from my room but it sounded like mumbles. I walked over to his doorway and looked at his bed that was slightly lit up because of his nightlight. It took a second but then I noticed four lit up faces circling around the perimeter of his bed. My heart skipped a beat and my heart dropped and sent a wave of fear trough my body. I instinctively turned on the light which was the wrong thing to do. I could now see 4 ghost like creatures. I was so petrified standing in that doorway like a deer in headlights. They stopped circling his bed and looked right at me with a murderous look. One let out a cry that gave me shivers like fingernails on a chalkboard. They all then instantly flew right at my face. I ducked and covered my head and was afraid to get up. I slowly kept looking out more and more until I was sure they were gone. I tried to wake my brother but couldn't with voice alone. I walked over to him and shook him four times before he bounced up quickly and let out a screech just like the ghost did. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, then he crashed back down to the bed and his eyes opened. My heart pounding like a bass drum. It was just good to hear him say, "what the h*ll are you doing in here."

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