Love Like No Other

May 29, 2012
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I remember the very greatest day of my life. It is such a bright and vivid memory too. I went outside minding my own business of course, and stumbled upon probably the greatest sight that I have ever seen. It was a girl.

She was the kind of girl that is only in a movie or better yet, in a dream like no other. Her long brown hair reflected the sun just like the moon would on a beautiful night, her body had the ideal shape that most people would find appealing, and her eyes glistened so amazingly and sharply. There was something telling me inside my head that I must have her. I don’t want to get too far into detail of how I got her to my home because I want to get to the best part of my whole day. She was just sitting there, not knowing what to do in the situation that she was currently in. To be honest, no one would have known what to do, not even I would have known what to do if blind folded and tied down to a chair in a stranger’s basement.

She kept crying, but it pleased me to hear her soft whimpers and how she begged me not to hurt her. I took off her blind fold and let her get a good look at me. I told her that I was sorry for any pain that I was going to cause her and explained that no matter how stunning I thought she was, this voice in my head was stronger than me and I couldn’t do anything about it. I moved her to my table where I bound her by the arms, head, waist and legs, and started to cut her very slowly on the most painful areas of her body that I could possibly think of, but avoided her arteries to make sure she didn’t bleed to death.

Next, I cut her knee caps open and her crying and yelling was so unbearable that I knocked her out unconscious. Since that happened, I used this to my advantage to hang her by her wrists from the ceiling. She woke about an hour later and found that her legs have been already broken. I went on to whip her mercilessly for hours on end, used electric shock on her through her fingers and toes, put deep cuts down her ribs, used a blow torch to burn her fore-arms to the third degree and eventually loosened the chains to put her on the ground.

She fainted for a while and appeared to be dying, so I injected her with adrenalin to bring her back. She wasn’t able to run because her legs were broken and probably dead by now so the carrion began to fill the room. I didn’t let that bother me though, besides, I’ve experienced this many times before, maybe twenty-five or thirty times, so I’ve taught myself to get used to the smell. I got her back up on the table, strapped her in again and I suddenly wanted her eyes, so I used the old school medieval method of removing eyes with a spoon and after the process, put them in a nice little jar that stood over a lamp so that they can once again have that sharp glistening look like before.

I wanted to finish her off, so I split her stomach open, pulled out some of her organs and let her slowly die. After what people would call “madness”, I stitched her back up and preserved her body, but unlike all the other bodies that I kept in a special room, I put her beautiful body in my bedroom so that she can always be with me. Oddly enough though, here in my prison cell at the psycho ward, she haunts me and I don’t know how much longer I can take this torture. I must say now that I am not going to wait for my death sentence, but instead, take my own life. My life, I cannot bare to witness any longer. Mark my words… I regret nothing!

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