Blood, Bullets, and Killings

May 29, 2012
By Anonymous

‘BANG! BANG! BANG!’ That was it. Three shots fired from the barrel leading right to the man’s head, and then the blood spilling over the kitchen floor like water. The killer left leaving no evidence.

I arrived at the scene. It was a mobile home. This place was so trashed you couldn’t help but wonder how many animals were in there. There was a man in the middle of the kitchen with three bullets in his head. I swabbed around the kitchen for a DNA sample of the killer, but there was nothing. I checked around the trailer park to see if anybody had heard anything. They all said no. This could only mean one thing: he is a silent killer.

‘BANG! BANG! BANG!’ Three shots to the head. The gunshot was not going to be heard. The killer left the house leaving no evidence.

I started driving to the scene, and as I was driving I was thinking this can’t happen anymore. The killer was moving up in his killing ranks. If he keeps moving up he could kill the president. He started at a mobile home; now he’s at a regular home. This scene was just like the other, nothing to report. I started asking the neighbors to see if anybody knew the guy that was killed. They all told me he was a very secretive man. They also said that they hadn’t seen him come out of his house for a couple weeks. I checked the man’s phone records to see who had called him. The only thing that was suspicious was the three calls from a phone booth. This specific phone booth was the same one that had called the last house three times. These phone records were the same as the first man. I need suspects to figure out who this is, because I didn’t want anyone else getting killed. I checked the man’s credit card bills. Three times he went to a diner right next to the phone booth that called the man’s house.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Three shots to the head, then the killer left leaving no evidence.

I arrived at the scene; this time it was a mansion. The killer was definitely moving up in his ranks. The man that got killed was a big politician. The next step higher would be the president. I set up a camera at the diner and saw only one person using the phone three different times. He was short, looked about 5’10’ maybe 150 pounds. I only saw the back of this man’s head, but I could see that he was wearing an army coat. This had to be a general because of the badges all over his coat. It was a double agent. This was our one and only suspect. If this was not the killer, then the whole country could be in trouble.

The president has a speech about bringing army troops out of the war later that week. That would be the perfect time for the double agent to strike because I am assuming he will be there.

I got to the White House days before the speech. I wanted to warn the president that there would be a killer there. I told him if he heard a shot to drop to the ground. I said I would be on top of a building with a sniper making sure nobody would kill him. I hoped the killer didn’t kill me first.

The day of the speech came. The president walked out on to the stage and greeted all the people. First he greeted the high politicians, then the soldiers, and then he greeted the generals. Right after he greeted the last one I could see a general pulling something out of his coat. It was a knife. He raised it up and right before he brought it down, I gave him three shots in his head, just to see how he likes it.

These killings only worked because he was part of the army. The gun with the silencer only comes from the military. The phone booth calls worked because any phone conversation at base is recorded. There was a small killing amount, which factored in onto how much it would be on the news. If he would have shot the person any more gruesomely, it would have been on the news. The final piece was being able to get close to the target. The president was about to be killed because the general was so close. Case closed.

The End

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