The Wrong Turn

May 29, 2012
By Collinm BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Collinm BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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“I can’t wait to go on the trip,” said Kiley. “It’s going to be so fun, we are going to go swimming, have camp fires, and maybe even go site seeing.” “Ya, it should be a pretty cool vacation,” said Brenden. The six friends were going on a trip to Louisville, Kentucky, and they were all pumped. It was the summer of 2012 and collin invited a few friends to go camping with him in Kentucky. He also invited his girlfriend, Taran. Taran invited her best friend, Kiley, which was Brenden’s girlfriend. So Collin invited Brenden, Jordon, and his other good friend, Jacob. It worked out perfectly, because everybody was friends.

The night before going to Kentucky, Collin and Taran were texting back and forth, about what they were going to bring along for the trip. The same thing was going on with Brenden and Kiley. The day they were leaving for Kentucky, everybody was so excited. The last thing they had to do before leaving was make a plan, so they knew what they were going to do in the weekend. It was finally time to leave. Collin got into his Dodge Durango to go pick everybody up. first he stopped at Taran’s house, then was Brenden, next was Kiley, then Jacob, and finally Jordon. “God, you guys pretty much just emptied my gas tank,” said Collin. “Ah, get over it, you’ll live,” said Jacob. “You know what Jacob, you’re already getting’ on my nerves,” said Collin. “Alright, settle down guys,” said Taran. The teens were on their way to Kentucky for a great weekend.

“Are you kidding me, it wasn’t supposed to rain today,” said Collin. It was now raining very hard and they could barely see out of the window. “This is boring, we need some music,” said Brenden. “Alright fine,” said Collin. So Collin turned on the radio. “Are you kidding me, Country music sucks,” said Jordon. “I know what we can do, we can plug my IPod in,” said Brenden. “Alright, whatever, sounds good to me,” said Collin. “Let’s listen to some odd future,” said Brenden. It was raining so hard, they couldn't even read the road signs. they came to a two way intersection, but they couldn’t read the signs, so they didn’t know which way to go and they didn’t have a GPS or anything like that. So the final vote was to go left. About twenty minutes later, the rain had stopped. “Oh my gosh, we took the wrong turn,” said Collin.

The friends were now in the wrong direction, and didn’t know where they were. “God, this sucks,” said Kiley. CRACK. “What was that,” said Collin. “Oh my gosh, Jordon has a arrow in his head, it just came through the window,” screamed Taran. “Alright, everybody just calm down,” yelled Collin. The car pulled to the side of the road. Everybody got out of the car to see if Jordon was ok. “I’ll call 911. Um I don’t have any service,” said Taran. So then, everybody pulled their phones out to try to Call. “Nope, I don’t have any service either,” said Brenden. “Ya, me neither,” said Jacob. “Everybody, just get back into the car. Where the heck did that arrow come from,” said Collin. All of a sudden, a person jumps out of the woods and starts to beat Collin. “What the heck,” says Jacob. Jacob tries to get the guy off of Collin, but it is very strong. “Oh my god, it's a cannibal or something,” says Brenden. “Good thing I brought a gun,” he said. Brenden grabs the gun and takes aim and shoots the cannibal. It now lies on the concrete ground, dead. “Thanks for saving my life, man,” says Collin. “Anytime bro,” says Brenden. Everyone quickly gets back into the Durango and leaves, leaving Jordon’s dead body on the ground. The girls are still crying frantically. “It’s going to be ok girls, just settle down,” says Jacob. BOOM, the back tire suddenly gets blown off and causing the car to be undrivable. “This is not good at all,” says Brenden. The car, for the second time, pulls to the side of the road.

“What the, it looks like somebody had put something on the road, so whoever drove on this road would hit it with one of their tires,” said Collin. “I want to go home right now,” said Kiley, still crying. “I know, I think we all do,” said Brenden. Suddenly, they hear the Durango starting up. “NO, please, NO,” said Collin. “My precious Durango, I’ll never find it now! This is your fault,” pointing his finger at Brenden. “What, my fault, how is it my fault,” yelled Brenden. “Well you're the one that was closest to it, you should have heard the car door open,” yelled Collin. “Are you kidding me, that’s your excuse to blame me,” yelled Brenden. “Hey, could you guys shut up for one minute, seriously,” yelled Taran. So then the friends started walking down the street. “Hey what is that,” said Taran. “What do you see,” said Collin. Up ahead was a person, and it was walking right toward them. “Ok, start yelling at him, and if he does any weird movement or something, then start running,” said Collin. So everybody started yelling at the person up ahead, until they were about twenty yards away from the person. “Oh my god, it’s another cannibal, RUN,” screamed Collin. The cannibal started to run too. “I am in flip flops, and I can’t run,” screamed Kiley. The cannibal was not very far from Kiley at all now. The friends heard a very loud scream behind them. They all looked back and say the cannibal on the ground by Kiley. “NO,” screamed Brenden. Brenden then started running back for her, but Collin grabbed his arm to stop him. “No, you can’t go back for her, i’m sorry,” yelled Collin. They then started running away again. “Don’t look back, don’t look back,” screamed Collin. Now, there was only four people left.

It was getting dark and they needed to find a good hiding place. “Down here, we will sleep here for the night,” said Collin. Before Collin laid down by Taran, he went over by Brenden. “I am so sorry dude, I couldn’t let you go back there, I just couldn’t. I am so sorry man,” said Collin softly. Collin then laid down and wrapped his arms around Taran as hard as he could. The next morning everybody woke up. “Is everybody here,” said Brenden. “Yep,” said Collin. “Ya,” said Taran. There was no reply from Jacob though.

“Jacob,” yelled Collin. “Jacob,” yelled Brenden. “It’s no use, he’s gone,” said Collin. “Well we at least have to look for him,” said Taran. “Alright, Taran and I will go north, and you go south,” said Collin to Brenden. “Are you kidding me, no, we have to stay together,” said Brenden. So everybody went south instead. The kids had walked for nine miles now, and they were all getting tired. “Hey, I think I found him,” yelled Collin. So Brenden and Taran ran up to where Collin was standing. “Jacob?” Said Collin. “Oh my gosh, his ears are torn off,” screamed Taran. So the three teens looked away and started investigating around where Jacob was. “Hey, I can see a house up ahead, let's go see if it’s open,” yelled Brenden. So the three started running toward the building, once they got there nobody wanted to go inside because it looked very creepy. “No way, I am not going in there,” said Taran. “Come on, we have to see if anybody or anything is in there,” said Collin. So the three teens walked up to house to see if it was even locked. “Wow, these guys are dumb, they don’t even lock their house door,” said Collin. “Well maybe that means that they are home,” said Brenden. “Nah,” said Collin, as he opened the door. “Wow, somebody doesn’t clean,” said Taran.
Collin then walked into the kitchen. Sitting on the table was a bowl of soup with a spoon laying in it. “Oh my gosh, this stuff smells really bad,” said Collin. “Hey, where did Taran go,” said Collin. “AHHH,” screamed Taran. Collin and Brenden ran into the other room to see Taran’s head on one side of the room and her body at the other side. They then looked up and say another Cannibal standing there with an axe in his hand. Collin then rammed the cannibal into the wall, punching it as the moved across the room. The axe was now out of the cannibal’s hand and it was laying on the floor. “Grab me the axe,” yelled Collin, still punching the
cannibal. When Collin got the axe from Brenden, he raised it as high as he could, and put it through the cannibal’s chest. They then ran out of the house, sprinting as fast as they could. “Hey, look, it’s a four wheeler,” yelled Collin. So they hopped on it, and luckily got it running. They are now racing through the woods until they came to a road. They got onto the road. “We are going to get out of here,” yelled Collin.

The two buddies had now been on the road for a few miles. “Look ahead, it's another cannibal, turn around,” said Brenden. "No, he doesn’t have a weapon, we are going to run him over,” yelled Collin. When they were about 100 yards from the cannibal, it rose up a bow. “It;s got a bow and arrow, turn around,” screamed Brenden, but it was already too late. The cannibal released the arrow, and it was now in the air, going straight towards Collin and Brenden. The arrow went right through Collin’s chest and then into Brendens too. The two were now dead, and fell off the four wheeler, still going at a high speed. The four wheeler then ran right into the cannibal. Leaving three dead bodies on the road. It wasn’t a cool vacation after all.

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Edogyo7 BRONZE said...
on Jun. 5 2012 at 11:19 pm
Edogyo7 BRONZE, Vail, Arizona
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This was too much like the movie. Maybe start from scratch and try making it your own. There are also alot of spelling and grammatical errors. 

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