The Case Of The 7

May 24, 2012
Picture: The 7 chairs

The event made headlines all over the world. In newspapers, local news channels, everything! Everyone in the world knew about it. It was a story that spread from continent to continent, island to island, city to city, state to state. It was a mystery that took seven months to solve and seven days to happen.
It all started with seven religious leaders visiting the president for dinner after a meeting. On the night of December 6, 2006 the President, a Rabbi, a Priest, a Sheikh, a Hindu leader, a Buddhist monk, a Nun, and a Pope were eating dinner but started arguing about religion. They were arguing about things like which one was right and how certain things didn’t make sense. After a night of arguing and frustration each religious leader walked their separate ways to their own individual limos. While all seven were walking to their limos each heard footsteps behind them and looked. Then smoke from The some sort of gas tank filled the air and “BAM” a bat or some sort of weapon hit the back of their heads one at a time.
Six days had passed and on the fifth day all were classified as missing. People wondered where would seven religious leaders go?! But they found out soon enough. On the seventh day of the seventh hour each religious leader was found sitting on a chair dead and tied up. The Priest was found on the Statue Of Liberty’s roof, the nun was found on the Eiffel Tower (but it sorta looked like she was floating), the Sheikh was found on the Taj Mahal’s roof, the Rabbi was found on the Pyramid in Giza roof, the Buddhist monk was found dead on the Great Wall Of China, the Hindu leader was found inside the Roman Colosseum, and the Pope was found on the giant Christ Statue.

The police and FBI found this to be a very difficult case. The police investigated and this mystery was known as the 7 case. The police and paramedics removed the bodies from each monumental landmark also known as the 7 wonders of the world. The police wondered how could seven religious leaders go missing for seven days and no one knew, it was just too complicated. It was so complicated that they hired a well world known detective that seemed to figure out every case. They hired Sebastian Jones. Sebastian was a caucasian man that was a bit chubby, and was bald but he always wore his 1920’s style fedora. His dark brown eyes were stern and serious but his smile was innocent.
Sebastian’s first assumption was all seven religious leaders did it themselves. That they committed suicide. At first everyone thought this was crazy but evidence started to give in. All seven walked out of the white house at the same time and with the math done it would approximately seven days to get where they were. But the question that remained was how did they tie themselves up if they were dead? Now Sebastian was starting to doubt them as suspects. So Sebastian had a new assumption, he wondered who was with them last. And that's when he figured out, the president was the last person with the. All the clues started to add up or at least they did to Sebastian. The president invited them to dinner and they were never seen again.
Sebastian traveled to Washington D.C to question the president. He greeted the President with a smile and asked if he had heard about the case of the 7. The president said yes , then he asked how was the dinner party he had with them. The president said good but he said they started to argue. Sebastian watched the footage of that night on the camera in the White House . It showed the seven leaders leaving and then the president telling the first lady how they were a bit annoying. So Sebastian thought maybe the president wanted to murder them because they were annoying or some other sociopathic reason. Now it was all over the news the president of the United States was a suspect.

Paparazzi crowded Sebastian as he left the White House asking him if the President did the crime. Sebastian ignored them as he was heading back to his office in New York. When Sebastian arrived in New York his assistant Michael Black told him to investigate more before concluding the President as a primary suspect. Because soon enough the case of 7 started to affect the nation. All over the news it started to talk about how the President should be impeached or how he was atheist because he was against those seven religions. Sebastian was going to try to clear the President’s name and eliminate him as a suspect but all the evidence pointed back at him. Every single bit of evidence like how he was the last person with them and how he made a mean comment about them But Sebastian started to think,

“How could the president do it if at the time they were disappearing he was with the First Lady?”

He told reporters this and this started to clear the President’s name. But this case had been going on for six months and the seventh month was starting today and this had been the longest period of time Sebastian spent on case. Sebastian looked at clues and couldn’t find anything, until he saw some pictures. They were pictures of each crime scene taken on different days. Each seven pictures had the same man with his face covered and the number 7 clear as day tattooed on his right hand. Immediately Sebastian knew something was up, he called the FBI and CIA to do information on the guy and find out where he was.

They found him and classified him as Tony White, a average weighted caucasian man who lived right here in New York. Sebastian left and found out he worked at a local fast food restaurant, so that's exactly where Sebastian went. Sebastian got in his car with the FBI following and drove. He entered the restaurant and loudly said,

“Tony White?” A man replied,

“Yes, is there something I can do for you?”

“Come with me,” said Sebastian and Tony followed him outside. Sebastian then look at the car behind him and nodded twice. Then a large group of men came out and hand cuffed Tony while he was screaming,

“What’s the big idea?” “What did I do?”
They took Tony to the headquarters and sat him down at table. Sebastian sat down across from Tony and started to question him.
“Do you know anything about the 7 case Mr.White?’ said Sebastian. A smirk appeared on Tony’s face as he sat there in silence. This time sounding angry Sebastian said,

“I said do you know anything about the 7 case Mr.White?” Finally Tony with a laugh said,

“You infidels finally figured it out!” Sebastian smiled, this case was solved. But the question that still remained was why?

Everywhere this made headlines, “Case closed but a question still remains why? The next day reporters, detectives and everyone wanted the answer and he was going to give it to them in a live interview at the headquarters. Sebastian sat across from him and said,

“Good morning Mr.White, are you ready to tell the world why you killed 7 people?” Tony replied with a solid answer,

“Yes.” Sebastian said,

“Okay then, why did you kill seven religious leaders and put them at the seven wonders of the world?” Tony said,

“ The reason I did this was because when I was little my mother and I were atheist and she told me since we didn’t have a religion we would go to hell, so the thought came to me as a child, “Sacrifice 7 people from 7 different religions for God and since God loves all religions if I do a sacrifice from him he will take me to the highest heaven, the seventh heaven.” But I wondered, “When would be the perfect time to do this and it was now because my doctor diagnosed me with cancer and told me I only have seven months to live.” So I wanted to accomplish this right before my death.”

Everyone listening was astonished who would think of such a thing to do? Sebastian thought,

“What sociopathic guy would do such a thing, my lord.” Well finally the case was closed and all the questions were answered , Sebastian handcuffed Tony and the FBI were walking him outside where crowds began to form. The crowds were cursing and spitting at him but all of a sudden Tony dropped dead on the floor because he only had 7 months to live and it was the last day of the 7 months.


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