The Mission

May 21, 2012
By Anonymous

"Hey, are you still going on that assignment tomorrow?"

"Which one?"

"You know, the one."

"I remember now. Yeah, I'm going."

"Good. I asked you because Chief wanted me to remind you as to exactly what you're supposed to do."

"Ok then, what am I supposed to do?"

"He just wanted me to remind you that this assignment is of high importance and that the outcome could affect the lives of many. Plus, you have got to remember that the targets are probably going to try to escape you, but you have to try to get as many as possible to 'fall into your trap.'"

"Yeah, yeah, what else is new?"

"Look, I'm being serious. Remember the last time someone failed an assignment? Chief blew his top! Now, do you have the 'bait?'"

"Yup. Sixty boxes of it at that. They'll never be able to resist."

"Don't underestimate the targets; they may be smarter than you think."

"What does Chief know about doing this anyway? Has he ever even gone on one of these assignments?"

"Are you kidding me? He's done this hundreds of times, getting every single target, no matter how clever."

"Well why doesn't he do it then?"

"You really shouldn't be questioning Chief. He could kick you out in a heartbeat."

"Whatever. What time are we heading out?"

"Tomorrow at dawn. We have to move out and set up as early as possible or else some rival groups might see us, and that would spell trouble for everyone."

"What's the worst they can do?"

"Well, for starters, they could blow the whole operation, which send Chief over the edge, if you know what I mean."

"Unfortunately, I do know what you mean. Ok, so go in, don't be seen, get as many 'targets' as possible, and remember that lives could be on the line."

"Right Good luck, and I'll see you tomorrow."

So at the end of the next day, the boy scouts had sold all sixty boxes of popcorn, and all of the money was donated to St. Jude's hospital to help find cures.

The author's comments:
In class, we were told to write a suspense piece where we only revealed vague details until the end. The point was to make the story seem about something totally different then what it is actually about.

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