Kaylee's Dissappearance

May 21, 2012
By Anonymous

The drab night finally fell. Kaylee, age 19, was walking home from a night spent with her boyfriend. As this rebellious teenager has many times before, tonight however, was different. Cautiously walking across the football stadium, she looks up and discovers a terse glimpse of a humanly figure. Now, the figure is walking hastily toward her. She frantically kicks off her shoes and stumbles toward a safe place. Thinking once she got to her dorm stairs she was fine. The figure captures her by her hair and slits her throat. As the blood runs down the steps, she is wrapped in a garbage bag and taken into the middle of the lake, in hopes that no one will find her. And the search begins.

Pictures of a red headed, blue eyed girl are now plastered all through the school and the campus. Kaylee was found by a brown haired boy with stunning green eyes, on a bleak, spring morning while running on the beach. Horrified by her swollen appearance, he calls the police. Unable to run any figure prints, that were washed away, or the knife that was used the police are now forced to search for this girl’s killer the old fashioned way.

“Alex, good job on your exam. What are you planning on doing when you graduate?”

Alex is now remembering when Kaylee was going to ask the professor something after class, but was turned away with a snide glare from Alex herself.

“Well, I want to be a lawyer. This test was crucial to my future plans.”

Alex and Kaylee were roommates who fought about little things. Whether things were put away properly, clothes missing, and of course the guys that were over late some nights. However, Alex was very fond of Kaylee. Why wouldn’t she be? Kaylee had everything, the perfect boy, the car, the money, and prom queen material.

Being a social girl that was friends with everyone, it was hard for people to see who would kill such an innocent, young woman. Her friends could only tell the police that she and her roommate were fighting, being unsure what about; they also remembered Alex say “You will be sorry you ever lived.”

With that information, the police took her downtown for further questioning.

“Did you kill her?”


“Alex, we have every bit of information to put you behind those bars. What were you doing on the night of her disappearance?”

“Kaylee, her friends, and I went to the bar off campus. She was talking to some guy; I got uninterested and went home to study. I have a scholarship to maintain.”

“Are you sure you didn’t get jealous that again, she was talking to a guy that you couldn’t have, one that maybe liked her? You couldn’t stand it so you left early, got the supplies, terrified her, and then killed her.”

“I never killed her! Ask professor Henstridge, she knows better than anyone!”

Professor Henstridge was very active with this case, wanting to prove Alex innocent; she was getting threats to stay away. How could that come from Alex who is now in jail for something she didn’t do.

“Professor, you believe me don’t you? You know I never killed Kaylee. Please get me out of here!”

“Alex I can’t promise you anything, I know you didn’t kill her. You couldn’t have.”

As Professor Henstridge is leaving, Alex’s attorney walks in. “I thought I warned you to stay away. This is my case and you are nothing but a teacher. I’m supposed to prove her not guilty not you. Get out! Get out now! And if you ever come in here again I promise I will get a restraining order!”

Alex has her trail.

“We find the defendant not guilty. With lack of evidence leading her to the case.”

She is happy. Maybe a little too thrilled. Because she got away with it? Or because she truly didn’t do it?

That night the professor can’t sleep, there’s too much on her mind. She thinks about the day when Alex gave Kaylee a snide glare, keeping her from telling something. But what? Maybe that’s it. Maybe Kaylee had something to share that Alex didn’t want others knowing. Then, she realizes.

Knock Knock.

“Hello professor, what brings you here?”

“Give it up Alex I know. I know you killed her. You didn’t want anyone knowing that you cheated on the test and she was willing to rat you out and you didn’t like it.”

“So you finally figured it out. You have no idea what it’s like being the roommate that no one likes. But you know what? Her boyfriend, he chose me in the end, not her and he was willing to show me, by helping me. “


“How did you guys know I was here?”

“Well professor, we hacked into her computer and found everything out. How she killed her, where she put the weapon, and where she would later hide the body. She won’t be back for a very long time. Go home and get some rest.”

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