The Assassin

May 23, 2012
By Alexis593 BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
Alexis593 BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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I woke up in a chair with a blindfold on with my hands tied behind my back. I failed. My mission was to find Dylan Strake the assassin who killed the President and kill him. And I couldn’t even do that. I told the FBI that I was the best choice for the mission. I am the strongest, fastest, and most intelligent out of all the police in New York City. But somehow I let my guard down and before I knew it I was captured by Dylan’s men. I was so close. Maybe I still am close. All I have to do is find a way to get myself untied and find my weapons. I think I’m alone. I haven’t heard any voice’s or noise this whole time I’ve been awake.
Then I heard voices.
“Craig. What are we going to do with the girl?”
“Dylan said to ask her questions about all that the police know and then kill her.”
Good only two of them.
“Well then why are you waiting to wake her up?”
Ugh this is going to hurt.
I felt a heavy fist with full force strike me across the face. If only they knew I was already awake.
“Rise and shine sleeping beauty.”
One of them took the blindfold off. I already started scouting the exits. That’s what my job does. They teach us to all look for exits of any sort. Windows, Doors, heating Vents. The two guys in front of me were average mid-thirty’s, about 6’5 and not too muscular but not to scrawny. I think I can take them out.
“This is how it’s going to go; you’re going to tells us everything that we want to know. And we will think about killing you fast. Or if you want to be difficult we will torture it out of you and kill you slowly.” This came from the long brown haired guy who I was assuming was Craig.
“How much does the FBI know?”
“Enough.” I said and with that the other guys whose name I don’t know got in my face and grabbed my hair.
“Listen you witch, tell me what I want to know and this will be a whole lot easier on you!”
“All you people need to know is that we have so much information it only took me two days to find you guys here in Colorado, and to put Dylan away for the rest of his life once we catch him.”
“That’s going to be impossible to catch him and put him away when you’re dead.” said Craig.
“Will it.” After those words left my mouth I head butted the tall brown haired guy. He stumbled back a little. Enough time for me to hit Craig with the chair and knock him over. This broke the chair. Now that I’m free from the chair all I have to do is get my hands untied. I jumped over my arms so that my hands were now in front of me. I picked up a leg from the broken chair and slammed it as hard as I could on top of brown hair guy’s head. He fell to the ground unconscious. I turned around just before Craig punched me in my right eye. Wow that’s going to hurt later. The punch knocked me to the ground but I was fast I jumped up before he could get to close to me. He tried to punch me again but I ducked. I slid my foot under him and knocked him over. I jumped on top of him and used all my body weight (which was not a lot) to hold him down. I started pounding him in the face as hard as I could with my hands still tied up. It felt like I was doing it for forever before he finally went unconscious. I rose from his limp body and walked over to a mirror hanging on the wall. I punched it. I got a shard of the glass and stared cutting at the ropes around my wrist. Finally when I was free I ran to the door. The hallway was empty. I looked back at the limp bodies and spotted a gun. I ran back and picked it up. Just in case I need it later since I don’t know what they did with my own weapons. I run out the door and into the hallway watching every square inch of the room. After about five minutes of searching for the front door I finally found it. I was just about to open the door when I heard talking. I would have kept going but one voice out of them all I knew too well.
I turned around and hid in the first empty room that I came to. What do I do? I can’t take anyone out until I know how many there is. I spotted an air vent. I could hear them talking through It. Maybe if I climb down it I can see how many people are in the room. I Unscrewed the screws and climbed in. I followed where the voices were coming from. I came to the room where the voices were coming from. I could see the people pacing around the room. I counted four. And among the four there he was the reason I’m on this mission, the reason why I trained all these years and became to best female agent in New York. Dylan was tall with long brown hair that came to his shoulders. He had on a black t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. He was speaking to the other men in the room about what they were going to do to me. I turned around and came back the way I came before anyone heard me. When I came back to the room I started strategizing. I looked in the gun to see how many bullets I had left.
There were enough bullets in the gun for me to kill each of them. But I had to kill them in one shot. Either I left the room and ran out of the house and call the police and hope that they get here in enough time to kill them or I try my best and take them out myself. I went with choice two. I opened the door slowly and peaked out. I looked both ways down the hallway. When I see it was clear I ran to the room where the men where. A couple seconds later I stood in front of the door. This door holds my fate. If I live or die. If I take out the FBI’s most wanted. I kicked the door open. I had a half a second to shot three of the men before they shot me. I fired the gun at the one closest to the door. Right in the chest. He’s dead. The next was wasn’t standing that far from the first guy I just killed. I fired. Right in the head. Then I scanned the room. All I seen was one person. Dylan. I held my gun up and pointed it to his face.
“Are you really going to use that on me Lindy?” Dylan said with a smile on his face.
“You have no clue Dylan; this is what I have been waiting for. The chance to kill you.” I replied. Gun still aimed at his face.
“Well Lindy, that’s going to be pretty hard when you’re dead yourself.” I didn’t understand what he was talking about until I felt a gun pressed against the back of my head. Crap. I forgot about the other person.
“Wow, all that training going down the drain. That just has to suck. I always knew you were a failure. Even when we were together.” Did I forget to mention about four years ago we were once a couple?
“Dylan, you always underestimated me.” Right after the word me left my mouth I slammed my head backward knocking the gun from the gun holders hands. It caught him by surprise because it took him about ten seconds to respond. It was ten second I was grateful for. I yanked the gun from in my pants and held it to his head and pulled the trigger. Blood splattered all over my face. No time to be grossed out. I spun around to find Dylan half way across the room with a gun in his hand pointed at me. Dang! I didn’t think to pick up the gun that fell out the guys hand.
“Sweetie, you are such an idiot. Why smack the gun out of his hand knowing that there was a chance that I would grab it.” Dylan said smiling.
“You’re too scared to kill me. You always have been. But I guess that this is a test to see if you really have the balls.”
“Oh believe me baby I have the bal…..” I pulled the trigger before Dylan got his last words out. The bullet hit him right between the eyes. He fell to his knees and then to the ground. I walked over to his dead, bloody body.
“I guess you were a little too slow baby.” I stood over his body and grabbed my cell phone from my pocket. I dialed the number I was always trained to remember.
“Chief, it’s done. He’s dead and so are all his men. I guess my job here is done.”

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on May. 31 2012 at 10:26 am
Cheshirekat SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Well. Um the story is well written but the plot was extremely predictable. There are tons of ways to take this and twist the plot. Expand it and try to add more twists in the plot line.


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