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May 22, 2012
By blaze15112 BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
blaze15112 BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
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In the dead of night, driving on a road that hadn’t had a car on it for miles, her car breaks down with loud deafening backfire blasts. A woman named Kasey Jacobson got out of the car to see what was wrong, but as soon as she opened the hood she got hit with a wall of smoke. Then she could see a small fire on the side of the engine, so she grabbed the nearest liquid and put it out.

She knew she was probably going to be stranded overnight, or at least until a car saw her. Then she remembered her cell phone. As she reached in her pocket to get it, she started hearing eerie sounds coming from the woods next to the road she was forced to park on. So she gets into her car frightened for her life. Her mind is in a state where it isn’t registering any positive thoughts. She is thinking the worst, that she is going to die because nobody will find her, that she is going to get mauled by a bear, stuff like that. And she got on her phone and tried to call her sister, since that’s whose house she was trying to get to. But as soon as it started ringing to call her sister, her phone dies.
She awoke the next morning to the sound of a car horn blasting. As she got out of her car as she was blinded by the sun. Then she saw two men standing next to a tow truck. One man started walking over to her and introduced himself. He said his name was Anthony Nackman and that he was going to work at his family’s towing business and saw that she was stranded. He also introduced the other man as his brother Christian Nackman. They offered to give her a ride to their work to get something to drink, eat, or use the phone if she needed to. She was so happy to get out of there so she sat on the back of the truck until they had her car hooked on the back. Then they came over and offered to help her down. But when they grabbed her hands and put her on the ground, they wouldn’t let go. She started struggling to her hands free, but just then she felt a sharp pain on her left temple and then started to get light headed. She was fluttering in and out of consciousness when she saw all the blood on her arm and chest. That’s what sight made her pass out.

When she came to, she had a throbbing migraine. She tried to scream but, nothing came out. She finally realized there was something on her mouth that was keeping her from screaming. She now tried to reach up and get it off but now there was something that was holding her hands back. She was on the cold and damp ground. And it was still night time. She figured it was very early in the morning instead of very late at night. But oddly she was still hearing voices. She was hearing the voice of Christian and Anthony and she knew it. She tried to crawl away but every time she moved she got more and more light headed so she was forced to stop. Then she heard footsteps coming towards her. She pretended she was asleep. Then they started poking her with some cold and sharp object, telling her to wake up. As soon as she opened her eyes they grabbed her and propped her up against the wall. They took what looked like tape off her mouth and what looked like rope off of her hands. Then they gave her some soup and a cup of coffee. She hated coffee but it was the only thing she had so she drank it without complaining. When she was done they re-tied her arms but did not tape her mouth back up. Then, in a very serious voice one of them said “Better rest up, you have a long day tomorrow.” She had no idea what that meant but she was scared for her life.

As her eyes fluttered open daylight was beaming into the only window that was in the room they trapped her in. She noticed that her hands were at her sides. She must have wiggled out of the ropes in the middle of the night! As she got up as fast as she could she heard somebody snoring. It sounded like it was coming from the next room, but she couldn’t find the door. Looking for a way out she found a bathroom and realized she hadn’t gone in about two days.

When she was done she looked at herself in the mirror and opened the medicine cabinet. Taped to the inside of the door was about twenty-four ID’s of people. Behind all of the ID’s were pictures of that person dead and Christian or Anthony sitting behind them with a bow or gun. Her boyfriend was a very talented hunter, and she knew that every time he got a good animal he would take a picture just like that. Then she thought, are these people kidnapping and hunting other human beings? And when she got to looking at the bottom of the cabinet door she saw her ID, only with no picture behind it.

Just then the bathroom door was kicked open aggressively. Both Christian and Anthony were standing there, one of them had a bow and one of them had a gun. Anthony, the one with the gun, took the gun and bashed her face with the stock of the gun. Everything went black and there was a sharp ringing. She was half conscious the entire time. She could hear everything but could not move her body, not even open her eyes. She could also feel everything. She felt herself get thrown into the back of the truck and she heard the door shut. Then she heard them having a pleasant conversation with each other. They laughed and argued. Then the truck stopped. She heard one of them say to the other “are you ready?” and the other one replied positively. Both of them opened and closed their door, and then they opened hers and got her out of the truck. They set her on the ground, or should I say threw her on the ground. Then started jabbing her with the gun. When she wouldn’t wake they got a bottle of water and poured it on her. Raising with a jolt and scared for her life she noticed she was tied up again. Why did she not hear of feel that? Oddly enough they untied her again. Then Anthony began to speak.

“This is what’s gonna happen here. We’re gonna give you an hour and a half head start. Then when that hour and a half is up, we are gonna start to track you down. And I want to see how long you last.” He said calmly.

“If you’re going to kill me why don’t you just get it over with right now!” yelled Kasey.

“Because, we like to have a little fun.” Said Christian with a chuckle.

“Your time starts when I say go…Go!!” Screamed Anthony. He didn’t even give her time to get up, but she did her best to get up as fast as she could. She was getting light headed again, but she didn’t stop running.

The author's comments:
I honestly dont know where i got the idea to write this peice. but i thought of it one day and thought it would make a good story. and i think it does.

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