Unwanted Experience

May 16, 2012
By scarletphantom55 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
scarletphantom55 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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You never really think much of it what could happen to you every second of your life until something actually happens, smacking you straight in the face as it leaves some sort of scar mental or physical. Now that happened to little ol’ me, little ol’ not a care in the world and easily successful in life me.
It happened in May when I won a free trip to Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada. I knew nothing about it until after my stay.. It’s one of the top 13 most haunted hotels. I bet you know what my experience but I’m going to still continue with my story, but I do advise you to look up the hotel and do a little research on the things that go bump in the night there.
So it was beautiful day in May, I was so excited. This place was practically a castle. The day was fine, wonderful even; it was only in the black of night that my life was changed. I was getting ready for bed, all cozy and comfortable. The only issue was.. I couldn’t sleep. Hours passed and still nothing. Then it happened. All of a sudden my spine tingled and I literally felt the presence of someone in my room. The door was locked and I never heard the door open what so ever. I kept my eyes closed shut. Never, would I ever open them. I knew this was a ghost, despite my disbeliefs of the paranormal existing. But now those disbeliefs were beliefs. Whatever it was moved to the other side of my bed where my back faced. It was almost mocking me; I knew that it wanted me to turn around. It tugged at my sheets, suddenly pulling them off. My eyes still remained closed. My clothing was next. It tugged at it still wanting me to turn around. I could hear my blood; feel my heart pounding through my veins and in my chest. I have never been so terrified. I wanted to scream, I almost felt like even if I didn't see this being I could still die in fear. Blood trickled from my lip as I held back my scream of fear with all my might. I only needed to last minutes until whatever gave up on me. It felt like hours. The thing, spirit, whatever I should call it shifted around the room many times: going to the foot of my bed, being right in front of my face, breathing down my neck, even it laying down next to me. But I still persisted on never slipping a peak at it. Finally it left, giving up on me. You bet I left right the next morning and never plan on going back.
That moment changed my life forever; I never thought anything bad would ever happen to me. Look at what did, it nearly scared me to death. Now I always research areas where I want to go. I’m more careful in life. Not just careful for the paranormal, but for everything. You never know what happens to you next in life and what the consequences of that will be.

The author's comments:
I got this idea after reading some really really old scary stories. It may not be as good or as scary as normal scary stories, but I hope you all like it.

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