Silent Screams

May 16, 2012
By Jenny Meyers BRONZE, East Northport, New York
Jenny Meyers BRONZE, East Northport, New York
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“I don’t think that is such a good idea,” Emily stuttered as she slammed her locker shut for the day.

Trying to sound confident, Marissa replied, “Why not? Nobody has been there for years, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” She knew at this point there was no getting out of it, so she might as well try to convince Emily to join them.

Emily, Kaitlin, Christina and Marissa bolted from school, trying to keep up with one another. They weren’t running because they were eager to get to where they were going, they were just too nervous to walk. While they were running in the frigid air of the night, Christina announced, “You know, if we didn’t lose that bet, I would never step foot in that creepy, hopefully abandoned house.”

Gasping for air Emily assured, “Don’t worry, I know how you feel, I think this is absolutely crazy.”

Then after sprinting to the end of the block, they found themselves too quickly, at the house as the light of the day faded.

To help the nerves, they held hands and walked along the cracked old walkway that led them to the nearly shattered glass door. When they got to the door, they hesitated, after hearing all the mysterious sounds of the night. Remembering it was a dare, they took their first step in to the house. The floor creaked with every step they took as if there were mice under their feet. When they took a left, they entered the kitchen. But something did not feel right. Finally they noticed the water was still slightly running; that is when they realized they were not alone.

Now they were freaked out. Without words they all ran to the door and tried to open it. It was locked and they were trapped. They ran all around the house looking for an open door. They even checked the windows, but everything was sealed shut. Whatever was in that house wanted them to stay. They ran up the stairs and into the bathroom. They checked to make sure it was empty then closed and locked the door.

Suddenly, out of the corner of Kaitlin’s eye, she saw the light flick on in the hallway through the crack of the door. They heard footsteps coming closer and closer, and within a second, the door was busted down.

They looked up and saw a dreadfully ugly creature standing in the doorway. It was staring at them and growling like a wolf. The girls tried to stay completely still hoping it might not even notice them. Luckily, the monster failed to see them. As soon as he disappeared, they sprinted out of the bathroom and back into the kitchen where they came up with an escape plan.

They found a huge rusted pot, and started trying to smash the window above the sink. By then it was too late, the evil creature took them one by one off the counter and dragged them upstairs. The last thing that was ever heard in that house was their four screams. But the house was sealed tight as a drum and those four screams were never heard by anyone outside the house; those four silent screams.

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