Summer Well Spent

May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

It really sucks when you have to stay behind in the summer while your parents venture off to some tropical island far away. It sucks even more when they force you to spend your already-sucky-summer with your even suckier uncle. I mean, come on, I'm 14 now! I can totally take care of myself. But of course, my parents argue that I'm too young to be alone for two months, so I'm being shipped off to my uncle's place as we speak.
I probably shouldn't be telling you this, because you're a stranger, but I'll tell you anyway because I don't care. My uncle was recently released from jail, which I guess is the main reason I'd rather spend my summer alone, than with a criminal. He's not even that close to us! I guess its because he was locked away for a few years... But still! My parents won't mention why he was put away. They say I'm better off not knowing, and that everything is fine now. Whatever.
After 2 hours of driving, we finally pull up to my uncle's driveway and he's already waiting at the door. As my parents step out of the car and start unloading my luggage, I observe the man from afar. Look at him.. Thinking he's so cool.. Smiling, waving at us as if he owns the place! Well.. He does.. But you get my point. I look at the trio, talking and laughing, completely ignoring the fact that the man I was to stay with for the entire summer, had just been released from jail.. They look back at the car, where I remained strapped in, hoping they'd somehow forget and just drive off with me. No such luck, they're motioning me to head over.
I reluctantly drag myself over, with the fake-est smile I could manage. We say our farewells and see-you-soons, and watch as my parents drive away. "Don't look so miserable, it'll be fun." My uncle says to me upon seeing my dreadful face. "Can't wait.." I say, with as much enthusiasm as a carrot. Just as I'm about to start unpacking, my uncle stops me and tells me we're spending a few weeks in his cabin. I didn't mind, I figured it would be more exciting than staying at his house.
During the drive to the cabin, we actually had some laughs. I couldn't believe this was the same man that was put away for some violent crime. I kept wondering what he could've done, and I even contemplated asking, but I figured it wasn't the right time.
It's only been a few days, and I don't think I've ever had so much fun in my life. My uncle is so awesome! We've been fishing, hiking, birdwatching, scavenger hunting, and bonfiring! Is bonfiring a word? I don't know. Anyway. My only complaint is the mosquitoes. What's the point of a mosquito!? Oh, and there's some weird knock at the door every night at around 11. It's starting to creep me out.
After the fourth night of hearing this knocking, I decided to go check it out. I was annoyed to see my uncle watching TV because that's why he didn't bother opening the door. As I approached the door, I got this weird feeling.. I ignored it. I opened the door to see a woman standing there with a cold stare. We stood, looking at eachother, not saying a word, not moving, not even breathing too much. The woman reached behind her head and pulled out what appeared to be a knife, and I'm pretty sure I caught a glimpse of blood on it. Just as the woman was raising it over her, the door slammed shut right in her face. "That was rude, what are you doing!?" I said to my uncle as he frantically locked and bolted every knob on the door. He was pale with fright, and he trembled like a massage chair. "What's his deal?", I thought to myself. "Th-th-tha-that was my exwife.." He stuttered. "Well.. It was still rude.." I scolded. "I killed my wife 5 years ago..."
Then, there was a knock at the door..

The author's comments:
Uncle was in jail for the murder of his wife. His wife comes back from the grave for revenge.

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