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May 14, 2012
By flyingpandas SILVER, Parsippany, New Jersey
flyingpandas SILVER, Parsippany, New Jersey
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Nothing was going right for him. Everything was turning upside down in his world. It was like he couldn’t live anymore. The harassment and comments he got were ruining him from the inside to the outside, piece by piece. They will never care what will happen to him thinking that everything that they’re doing is right.

But all I knew is that I would I have to do something before it goes too far. I have to stop the bullying.

Everyday as I watched him in school, I could see he was always being attacked by them. They are a group of people known for ruining people’s lives until they disappear or die. They are making his world turn upside down step by step. They would call him ugly, annoying and would not even let him walk through the hallways without getting punched.

John was dying.

The pain on his face showed that he couldn’t do anything. He was helpless. His frown brought the whole world down when you looked at him, like it was bringing him down. It got sadder and sadder everyday by the questions that they were asking.

You could hear them screaming at him saying, “Why are you even alive? You don’t belong here, in this world filled with people like us, normal, beautiful people.”

It was becoming worse with every second in every day. The bruises on his body increased so much that you were now able to see it. They were deep shades of blues and browns that covered his whole body. But everything seemed fine to the students.

They never care. They never would.

Couple of days passed without anyone doing anything. The bullying increased more day by day causing John to become helpless. I could feel the worst was coming for him and he knew it too.

They were going to make him die.

The worst had come. All I knew that when I arrived at school, the hallway was crowded with people in a circle. I tried to find my way to the front and saw something that I couldn’t bring myself to believe. They were stabbing him right into the stomach slowly to make it more painful. The pain on John’s face was devastating. He was yelling like he was getting murdered. John could feel the tip of the blade going in deeper into his stomach. Fresh, red blood seemed to going everywhere, landing on people clothes and the walls. But it seemed that John was not dying. He was fighting for his life. He pulled the bloody knife out, which left a huge cut right through the middle of his stomach and threw the knife far away from everyone. He got up, even though he was bleeding everywhere and walked away with all the strength he had.

I knew that it was my time to do something. Something that will change everyone’s view of him.

The time to die for him was soon.

As soon as he left the school, he walked passed me saying, “Don't do anything, let me go away. This was meant to happen.” Those few words made my heart sink, knowing that he couldn’t take it anymore. But before he left he handed me a book filled with words, words that drew the picture of his emotions that kept him alive.

It was like he knew what was happening every day, what was planned, and when he was going to die.

I opened the book and to my amazement, the first few words that I saw said,” These people will do anything to make me go away. I don’t care what they’re doing, just let me enjoy the last couple days I have left to live to the fullest.”

I was shocked. He had this much confidence in him? He knew he was going to die? Was this planned? I was just confused and I couldn’t understand what was happening around me.

He was always so sad. The way he had got bullied everyday was one of the worst thing I ever seen in my whole entire life. But he was actually happy inside, like he was enjoying this. I felt like there was something more, rather then this bullying. I needed to find out what was happening.

I had to find him, I needed him to be here with me. I dashed right out of the school to go straight to his house.I barged in and saw his mother.

“Where is he? I need to tell him something that cannot wait!” I shouted.

“What are you doing? He’s sleeping. Stop right now, Miss!” John’s mother yelled at me with all the force that she could.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I love him and I always will. He will be my Romeo and I will be his Juliet. I will care for him forever and I will fight till the end to make sure he gets the respect he deserves.

I ran straight to his room ignoring his stupid mother. She never cared for her son. She never understood what her son has been going through. I have always been there for him and she hasn’t. I knocked down the door knowing that it would be locked.

And there he was, hanging from the ceiling fan with a rope tied against neck.

John was dead.

He wasn’t breathing or moving. He was just plain old dead. My eyes filled with tears. I never had a chance to tell him that I loved him. Why was it him? Why? I didn’t do anything. I was there. I knew what was happening. I was his only friend. I loved him. I cared for him. I did everything for him. I will miss him.

Why did all this happen? He killed himself.

I fought back all the tears that filled my eyes. My heart was pounding. I was starting to soak in my own sweat. But I still had time. Time to do something powerful. But then I realized his window was open. Someone could have come in and killed him to make it look like a suicide, but it was truly a murder.

It was a murder.

“A murder!” I screamed using all the power I had. But it wasn’t possible. Bullying cannot make someone die. Make someone die? Thoughts were running through my mind.

It was them, those people. Them.

It was them who bullied him. It was them who killed him. It couldn’t have been anyone else. It was them.

Tears were bursting from my eyes. I quickly got up and went back to get them back.
I screamed to his mother, “He’s died. It was them!”

She ran to me saying, “Why him?”

I pushed her away knowing that she wouldn’t understand anything. I had to get back to school. I ran without taking a break.

My energy was completely gone when I reached school. I pushed open the doors and right in front of me, there they were, the evil group of girls, who would destroy everyone because they thought they were the greatest out of the whole world, and that they could do anything without getting caught. I just hated them.They were right there, staring at me with their bloodshot eyes. My heart was about to pop out of my chest. My breathing increased so much that I was about to die.

They were chanting, “You’re next. You know what we have done. We will kill you like we killed John. He was a person so ugly that we couldn’t even look at him. But then you had to come in and bother our plan. So, we had to kill him! We sneaked into his room when he was cleaning everything up and tied him up to make sure he would suffer to death. Now it’s your time to die, we cannot let you get away with telling everyone what we did! We have to make sure that everyone in this school will die and that we could be the ruler of this world. Be ready because we’re coming to kill you! Mwahahahahaha.”

I couldn’t do anything. I was helpless. I was going to die. It was time to face the pain again, but it’s my turn now. Everything was happening so quickly, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was going to die and there was no reason for me to live. No one cared about me and the person I loved with all my heart is now gone. I knew this decision for me to live was going to come soon but not this soon. I don’t care anymore. I just have to die right now. I will always know that I tried my best.

I ran far away from them, straight to John’s house again. I barged in and went to his bedroom. I could hear his mother crying but I ignored it. I had come here to kill myself, not to take care of anyone. I have done enough. I looked around his room and found a piece of rope that was laying on the floor and tied myself to the fan. The last thing I remember was my hand holding John’s hand while my eyes were slowly closing.

I was dead with John beside me. My last wish has come true, to be with John forever.

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