Killer on the Island of Misfit Toys

May 13, 2012
By JDW1997 BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
JDW1997 BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
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Once upon a time, there was an island where all toys with problems would go. It was called the Island of Misfit Toys and it was near the North Pole, where Santa’s workshop was located. The island was having a celebration because nobody had been in jail for a whole year, and the police dolls had not given any tickets either. The cops names were Larry, who was tall; Curly, who had no hair; and Moe, who was short. They were all equipped with boomerangs that would never come back, paintball guns that fired airsoft bullets, and their bodies that were strong because they hated donuts.

When the celebration began, a Justin Bieber doll came on the stage with boy clothes, and he sang exceptionally well. All of the cops were honored with gold medals given to them by a stuffed animal that had the head of a cat and the body of a dog. Then, cop Larry said, “Thank you guys for honoring us with these fantastic medals, and we hope that we can have another great year with no crimes.” The crowd gave a huge applause, and a piggy bank even threw monopoly money at them because they did their job so well.

After the celebration, Justin Bieber was walking home in a dark alley when he heard a rattle behind a dumpster. Justin screamed, “Who’s there!” Then, a boomerang came flying out behind the dumpster and cut off Justin Bieber’s head. Then, the killer walked out from behind the dumpster and made sure that the Bieber doll did not survive the attack. After checking the body, the killer left the scene, and the cops came with the first one arriving being Curly. They investigated the scene and found out that the doll’s head was cut off with a boomerang, and he died instantaneously. The cops advised the citizens of the island not to come out at night unless it was an emergency.

The next day, the stuffed animal with a cat’s head and a dog’s body, also known as the cog on the island, was being chased by a squirrel stuffed animal. The cog turned a hard left to hide behind a dense, large hedge where he thought he was safe. All of the sudden, he heard a rustle in the hedge, and when he saw who it was, he said “thank goodness it’s just you.” Right after the cog had uttered those words, he was shot in the chest where the killer waited until all of the stuffing had fallen out of the victim’s body. The killer then left and let the cops find the body where Curly was the first one on the scene again. The cops realized that this victim had bleed out after being shot with an airsoft bullet. To not scare the island, the cops did not tell the citizens about this murder.

That night, a piggy bank was handing out monopoly money to the homeless because the piggy bank could not keep money in itself because it did not have an opening on its body. When he was walking up the last street in his route, a man came up to him, lifted him up, and threw him on the ground. The piggy bank was smashed into millions of pieces and died instantaneously. Luckily, both Curly and Moe saw the person who had committed the crime. The killer was Larry. Larry then ran as fast as he could down the road until he was trapped at a wall. Curly and Moe pulled their weapons out at Larry, and Larry pulled out his gun and his boomerang. At the end of the day, two cops had died.

The next day there was a funeral held for Moe, the piggy bank, the cog, and Justin Bieber. Larry spoke at the funeral and said, “ It is so sad when you see one of your own become a killer and then die. On the other hand, the island can sleep in peace tonight because Curly is dead. Also, Moe was one of the greatest cops that I have ever known. Lastly, we all pay respect to Justin Bieber, the cog, and the piggy bank.” What the island did not know was the real story of the murders, and they never would. Larry retired as one of the greatest cops there ever was because he “stopped” the only killer ever to live on the island, and Larry had successfully killed anyone on the island who knew why he was a misfit.

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