Mystery Lady

May 9, 2012
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Chapter 1
On one chili night, Mr.Brown was exit the Loose Horse Bar with a lady. This lady had teeth like a vampire. Mr. Brown and mystery lady back to her house.

The lady said, "Let go inside and warm up together"

Mr.Brown answer,"Okay, and maybe more."

They want inside the old and dark house. Mr. Brown and the lady went to the bedroom.

The lady said, " Wait here, I'll be back."

Mr.Brown answer,"Okay but hurry back, sweet dumbly."

Mr. Brown was look around the room. He saw picture of the lady mother and father. In the bedroom, there is a old bed, an desk, nightstand, and lamp that been on a table before. The lady return with sexy clothing and said:

" Turn around and close your eye."

Mr. Brown did and the lady pull a knife and said:

" Don't move and....... (Cont next month)

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