HandHeld Savior

May 10, 2012
By kelseycassandra BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
kelseycassandra BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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I jumped as far away from the beast as I could. It was my first year at Halloween

Horror Nights, and it was just my sister and I. It had been an eventful night

so far, but there was just enough time left for us to see the parade. We slowly made

our way to the side of the path so we could have a decent view. As I looked around, I

noticed how horrifying yet amazing everything was set up. The whole theme seemed

to be flawless. I caught myself staring at a goblin in metallic armor. It looked so

realistic it was scary. Shirin then muttered something in my ear and quickly walked

away. Still in a trance, all I could think to say was, “Yeah, whatever.” Suddenly

I heard a loud scraping noise behind me, and I jumped. As I regained my focus, I

finally realized that Shirin had left. I was too distracted to remember where she said she

was going or what she was going for. Trumpets blared out of the crowd, an army of the

dead emerged from the darkness like a murder of crows; the parade was beginning. I

took my mind off Shirin for the time being so that I could enjoy the parade. The lights

flickered in my eyes, the dead shuffled along to a solemn beat, and a wave of darkness

followed wherever they led. As the parade came to an end I decided to seek my sister out,

wherever she may be. As I searched throughout the side gift shops and restaurants, I

started to feel uneasy. “What if I can’t find her? She’s lost! I’m lost!” seemed to scream

through my mind. I timidly made my way into a t-shirt shop to calm myself down. I

would never be able to find her in a crowd so large. Looking out of the doorway, I

jumped as another monster lunged at me from the shadows. “That didn’t help.” I thought

to myself after the creature had shambled off. Nervously, I walked around, pacing and

wondering what to do. I sat down on a curb and tried to think clearly. Then it hit me.

My cell phone was in my pocket the whole time! As I whipped it open, I was relieved to

see that I had six missed calls from Shirin. I chuckled to myself for being so worried.

Shortly after returning her call, I saw her shuffling toward me with a humongous turkey

leg. It seems her appetite had gotten the best of her. We exchanged stories and made our

way to the exit. An hour wasted, just because my cell phone was on silent.

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