April 26, 2012
By Jayde_Marie_95 GOLD, Los Banos, California
Jayde_Marie_95 GOLD, Los Banos, California
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It was a dark and stormy night; the rain was pouring, the wind was howling, and the lightning was making the night sky as bright as if it were the middle of the day. It was a terrible night to be home alone. Suddenly, there was a loud boom of thunder, followed by a streak of lightning of the brightest white I have ever seen. When that lightning flashed I saw something, or rather someone, lurking outside of my house. Could it have been just a figment of my imagination? Maybe, but I was not going to take that chance. So I slipped into my raincoat, put on my shoes, grabbed an umbrella and ventured out into the cold, stormy night.

I circled around my house twice; searching every square inch, every nook and cranny, trying to find the mysterious figure that I had just seen through my window. After the third time around, I gave up on my search, somewhat disappointed that I did not find anyone. As I walked toward the front door of my home, I noticed that it was slightly ajar. I would have never left it open, not even slightly. Having taken a deep breath and letting it out, I cautiously stepped inside.

Just as I had closed the door and turned around, the same dark silhouette appeared in my peripheral vision. The mysterious figure was now inside my house. With a quick burst of adrenaline, and just a touch of stupidity, I took off running after the figure. No matter how fast I ran, I could not catch up to this intruder. It seemed as though this thing knew every twist and turn, the entire structure, of my house.

After what had seemed like hours, I lost the figure. I had no idea where it had gone, or how it had gotten away from me. One minute I was right on its heels, and the next it was gone; vanished into thin air. Stunned by this sudden disappearance, I went into the living room to try and figure things out. One thing was for certain: a mysterious dark figure was loose in my house. I had no idea what, or who, it was or what it wanted with me. This time as I searched for it, I went slowly; checking every closet, looking under every bed. I was disappointed with my results. I had searched every square inch of my house, only to find dust bunnies and lost socks.
As I made my way back through the house and down the stairs, I noticed the door was slightly ajar again. Whatever that figure was; it was gone now. Will it come back? I have no idea. Will I be ready for it if it does? You bet I will be.

The author's comments:
I actually did this as an English assignment, initially. My teacher loved it.

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