There's dangers to be found in the woods

May 4, 2012
By svan8 BRONZE, Shandaken, New York
svan8 BRONZE, Shandaken, New York
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She ran through the forest her feet frequently catching on over grown roots. Her eyes slowly found there way to the little bit of light the still setting sun was giving off. Then a thought ran through her mind that sent chills down her spine, what if by the time that the sun sets I’m still lost. Her whole body started to shake as the thought kept rolling through her mind, what if I freeze to death, what if I starve, what if one of the many beasts that live in this forest find me, what if the wolves find me, and with that last thought her fear started to pour over the edge of her mind and fill her body. Her face hit the ground hard her arms doing nothing to try and break the fall. she lay there on the forest floor, feeling so close to the point of no return that she didn’t now if she had the will power to get up. Then she herd it the low unmistakable cry of a wolf. She sat up quickly adrenalin starting to pump through her body. Her eyes were glued to the wolf that sat a few feet away from her. She looked from its matted black fur to its shockingly light eyes. Then with the girl still looking at it the wolf slowly stood and trotted off as if it was bored of her. She sat there looking at it walk away, when she felt a tugging. It wasn’t on her body it was something inside of her something telling her to follow the light eyed animal, and so she did. She followed it for a mile until it brought her to a clearing where an old house sat, with one lit candle in the window. She ran with the little strength she had left to the door and knocked until her hands hurt. An old woman opened the door her eyes the brightest shade of blue the girl had ever seen a deep contrast to the dark night that was all around then. “why don’t you come inside darling” the old woman said looking at the young girl that stood before her. The girl walked inside grateful the old woman had offered. But before she was able to express her gradated the old woman had grabbed a knife and stabbed her. The girl feel to the ground, blood gushing out of he wound in her chest. The old woman kneeled over the dying girl, “darling hasn’t anyone ever told you not to go into the woods” she continued to speak her chapped lips making a cracking noise as the words came out “sweat heart there’s dangers to be found n the woods.”

The author's comments:
when i had first came up with the idea for this story it was no where as dark as it came out but i like it.

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