Twisting Trail

May 4, 2012
By VoMONSTERoV BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
VoMONSTERoV BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
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“Hey wake up, I think I heard something.”
“Don’t worry it’s only the wind.”
“I don’t think the wind can step on and break sticks.”
“Paige, don’t worry. It’s probably just an animal.”
“Alright, whatever.”

Paige gets out of the tent. She walks to the trees so she can go to the bathroom. Rob gets out of the tent a couple minutes later. He walks to the truck and grabs a bottle of water from the cooler in the back of the truck.

Rob is lying on the ground looking at the stars. He finishes his water and grabs a bag of chips. He notices that Paige has been gone for while now. He gets up and looks around for any sign of her. She has been gone for twenty minutes. Rob goes into the woods to look for her. He walks in circles for about ten minutes. He started to head back to the campground. On his way back he found Paige on the ground face down. There was blood on the ground and Paige was unconscious. Rob picks her up and carries her to the tent and puts her in her cot.

She wakes up in the morning. It’s a beautiful morning, the snow capped mountains way in the distance, the birds are chirping, and trees all around them. She walks to the truck, grabs a granola bar and a bottle of water. She goes to the tent and looks in to see that Rob is sleeping still. She leaves him alone and goes on a walk to look around the camp. As she is walking around she finds a pond with a little waterfall that flows into the pond. She is stunned at the beauty of the pond.

She runs back to the campsite and quickly gets into her swimsuit. She wakes up Rob and tells him what she has found. He gets into his swimsuit too. They run to the pond and Rob gets in to check the depth of the water. He tells Paige that the water is really deep. Paige then climbs to the top of the waterfall and does a cannon ball into the water. She swims to the surface and smiles at Rob. Rob climbs to the top and does a belly flop into the water. He swims to the surface screaming. Paige is laughing her butt off.

They swim for about an hour. They get out of the water and dry off. They head back to the camp site and get dressed. Rob gets a little charcoal grill. He starts the grill, gets some burgers out, and grills them up. When the burgers get done they sit on a cliff and look at the scenery while eating. After they are done eating they get the tent packed up and everything put away.

They start driving down the road. They are talking about the amazing weekend they had together. After a while Paige starts to dose off. An ambulance drove passed and woke Paige up. Paige was sticking her arms out toward the window. Rob is confused at what she is doing. He asked her if anything was wrong. She then said that there is a bright light and its getting closer.
“We are losing her!”
“What is wrong with her?”
“She was bitten by a black widow.”
“Is she going to be okay?”
“I’m afraid not. I’m sorry but there is nothing that we can do. The venom will kill her in minutes.”

Paige says “I love you” to Rob right before she passes away. Rob is crying and doesn’t know what to do. He stays with Paige for the whole day, sobbing the whole time. A week later he had a funeral of Paige.

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