Josh's adventure

April 26, 2012
By Eric Orzechowski BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Eric Orzechowski BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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One day Josh an average middle schooler was taking a language arts test, and when he got home his mom yelled at the top of her lungs, “Josh get your butt upstairs now.” About 20 minutes later his mom came up into his room and said he got an E on his language arts test. Then his mom said to read more. Knowing Josh was such a good child she let him go to the library to pick out his own book. Josh went to the library to pick out a book, He found a book called Amen. It was about a 13 year old kid named Amen that lives in Egypt. Then Josh started to walk home then he got mugged by some kid named Steven Applegate, but he let him go because all he had was a book. He got home and went upstairs and started reading the book. Josh found the book very interesting and read it for 3 hours.

In the book, Amen went to the pyramid and started to make random wall drawings, on his way back from the pyramid Amen found a dead camel in the middle of the road.

Josh woke up the next morning and got ready for school. Josh got on the school bus and went to school, when he got there he said hi to his best friend Eric, then went to art class. In art class they had a substitute teacher named Mr. Brown so they got to draw what they want. Josh never liked art so he just drew random drawings like he always does. After school Josh missed the bus so he walked home, on the way home he found in the middle of the road a pack of cigarettes they were camel. Josh found it kind of funny that his day related so much to the book but nothing more. When he got home he read some more of his book,

Amen is at a farm today and got to ride a camel, the other egyptians could not believe how good he was at it. As he got down, the camel started to flail and jump around, Amen got flung 20 feet away and then he....

“Hey someone ripped out the rest of the pages in the book,” Josh said angrily, he told his mom and they took it back, Josh told the librarian and she took it back without a fee. The next day Josh went to school he got very suspicious because they were taking a field trip to Lincoln nursery and they had horses. When Josh saw the horses he tried to remember what happened in the book last night, he has always wanted to ride a horse though. He got off the bus and just like the book, the class was going to be riding them. “Any volunteers” said the farmer. Driven by his curiosity and ignoring the book, Josh raised his hand. The farmer helped him up onto the Horse and told him how to ride, Josh taps the side of the horse with his feet and the horse started moving. He rode for a while and when he had to get off he does so, but his ankle got stuck on the saddle, the horse kicked around and Josh got flung 20 feet away and landed on the farmer.

Josh woke up at the hospital because the horse broke his foot and he was trying to remember what happened then his mom came in and said “good morning sweety, I got you something.” She reaches into her purse and pulled out the book he was reading and said, “ the librarian found another copy of that book you liked, so now you can finish it”. “No thanks” said Josh, “I already know how it ends.”

The author's comments:
this story is about my friend josh

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