When the clock struck Twelve

April 28, 2012
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The time I woke up was eleven o’clock at night. I sat up from a bed rubbing my eyes, still exhausted from what happened only a couple of hours earlier. At first it appeared to me that I was drunk earlier on. However I couldn’t remember a thing, I couldn’t even remember where I was. As I emerged from the large bed, I didn’t find myself within my own residence. Instead I was in a friend’s house, I could tell by the picture of him and his wife on the drawers beside me. I could only just make out the image as it was nearly pitch black. The only light was the faint moonlight that tightened through the curtains, and the digital alarm clock. So switched the main light on, it was flickering, but it was good enough.

I was wearing some tracksuits, a plain black top and some new trainers. None of the clothing was mine. I reached into the pockets of the tracksuits, only to find a folded piece of paper, I unravelled it and found a bit of writing. I tried to make out what it said, but the light was flickering too much. I crept down the stairs to find another light that wouldn’t flicker so much, but none of them worked, instead I found a small torch. I quickly turned it on so that I could read the message. It exclaimed the words

After reading the terrifying words, I began to get Goosebumps. I exceeded a large gulp down my dry throat. I was bursting for a drink. I ran to the kitchen tap, wheezing as if I had the flu. I stuck my head under the tap, I tried to turn it on but it was no use. I also tried the Bathroom taps, but yet again they didn’t work. I began to weep; I called out for anybody to help. My voice was so weak, I couldn’t shout, talk or even whisper anymore. At this point I lost it. I barged the front door several times, on the right elbow. It wouldn’t break, I looked out of the window closest to the front door, it was barricaded from the outside, but why?

Instead I threw a chair at the window, shattering it into millions of little pieces. I also twisted my arm; in agony I had pulled a muscle beneath my arm. I climbed out of the shattered window, cutting my ankles on the sharp class. I fell on the tiny pieces of glass on the rock hard floor, scratching the side of my face. I heaved myself up, trying not to think about the pain. I walked pushed myself forward with my eyes closed for a couple of seconds.

I looked up and squinted at the night sky, staring at the full moon that shun over me. But at this point I was desperate for food and water. I slowly looked down towards whatever was in front of me. But all I saw was smashed up cars, barricaded houses and graffiti everywhere. All the Graffiti said stuff like; there is no hope, the beginning of the end, and much more. I ignored the graffiti and walked down the street. When I came to the top of the hill, I tried to call out for help. But I still couldn’t shout properly. I looked around for something, I didn’t care what it was, I just need some food or water bottle. But instead I found a dead policeman, his skin was pale and his body had been battered. I looked inside his pockets for a phone or something.

However out of all the things I could have found, a weapon, water, phone, and car keys. I found a whistle, I cared not about the water anymore, I blew through the whistle as hard as I could hoping that somebody would hear me. I waited for a sign, I looked at the policeman’s watch. The time read midnight. Suddenly I saw someone in the distance, I blew the whistle again, and more figures appeared over the horizon of the hill. After the last time of blowing my whistle I flung my arms in the air, the thirteen figures that stood there began to walk into the beaming moonlight. They were not people, nor were they human!

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UnicornElaineThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Dec. 8, 2016 at 1:42 pm
Wow amazing job! It's amazing how you can actually feel the goosebumps and be in the characters shoes.
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