The House on the Hill

April 25, 2012
By , Grand Rapids, MI
I just moved to the neighborhood when a neighbor told me about the house on the hill. He told me that many years ago there lived a crazy old man. He died of a heart attack and no one ever wanted to live in the house after that. People say that his ghost haunts the house but I don’t believe in ghosts.
However, the other day an ear-piercing scream came from the house. It lasted for about ten seconds and then we heard about the death of a homeless man seeking refuge from the cold. The cause of his death is unknown which made me all that more curious to explore the house.
It was about a year after that when I met a friend named Tyler he was also curious about the house on the hill. We decided to go into the house one day after school and the first thing we noticed was that the house was clean and the kitchen had fresh food. We left as fast as we could.
Later decided to put cameras across the street from the house. We checked them every day and on the third day a car parked in the garage and stayed there until the next day. That’s when we heard about them tearing down the house. Every time they put machinery by the house it got ruined. Then we saw the old man who was supposedly dead.
We found out that the man who died there a long time ago was actually his twin brother and the man that they thought died actually still lived there. We also found out that the homeless guy that died there died of a heart attack when he saw someone in there.

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AndriaStar said...
May 2, 2012 at 8:25 am
Im not sure what to say. I wan't that good. It was bad, actually. You should have put way more details in it, made it a little longer, described stuff more, that kind of stuff. You have the makings of a writer, but you have to try harder. You can't just write down the first thing that comes to mind. You have to painfully go through the story over and over again, crossing things out and writing other things.
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