The Bloody Brides Nightmare

April 23, 2012
By Verdell BRONZE, Round Rock, Arizona
Verdell BRONZE, Round Rock, Arizona
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It was a dark and stormy night. Inside the Victorian house her family had just moved into, Julie sat on a crushed-velvet sofa and stroked her nervous cat. “Well it’s a dark and stormy night,” Julie mumbled. “I guess we’ll find out what just what kind of protection this house has to offer.” A sudden flash of lighting, followed by the thunder, caused her to add, in a trembling voice; “Wont we Sissy?” The cat responded in a long, drawn-out growl, her tail swished wildly form one side to the other.
Out of the blue, Julie’s sister Samantha jumped out of the darkness. Julie screamed with fright, letting go of the cat.
Samantha laughed so hard that she could hardly breathe.
Julie shouted with rage at her sister for scaring her.
“I’m sorry for scaring you sis,” said Samantha.
The girls were looking for Sissy, when all of a sudden there was a huge crack of thunder outside. All of the lights abruptly shut off. Samantha and Julie cried out to their dad. There was no response, just an eerie quietness. They could only hear the footsteps of the cat somewhere in the house. A couple of wine glasses wine glasses fell off some of the shelves. Julie’s heart rate increased when the glasses fell off the shelves. The lights came on, when Julie saw Samantha crying in despair on the floor. Julie ran to Samantha to help her up, and all of a sudden the light began to flicker. Samantha felt like someone was watching. So she slowly turned around and surprisingly saw a bride standing behind her, another flash of lighting blitzed and the bride’s white dress became ragged and bloody.
Samantha stared frightened at the sign of the bloody bride.
“There’s something behind us Julie”. Samantha chattered.
Julie turned around to see the bloody bride reaching out to them. Julie without thinking shoots “RUN!!!” Julie ran but turned around to see her sister is still standing by the bride. Julie ran as fast as she could to grab her sister.
Julie was shooting with fright at her sister “what’s the matter with you?”
Samantha replied with a surprised tone, “What do you mean?”
“You were just standing there with that creepy looking bride”, said Julie
“No I wasn’t, I was running with you”, Samantha confusedly said.
“No you were just standing there not moving at all,” said Julie.
“Look Julie, I was Ru……..”, but Samantha was interrupted by the bride.
“Get them!!!” she said with a scratchy voice.
“Who is she talking to?” said Samantha confusedly.
“Ummm, Samantha look over there” said Julie.
Right behind them stood three bridesmaids. The three bridesmaids started chasing after Julie and Samantha. Without thinking the girls ran up stairs, and they hid in the closet. In total darkness, all they could hear were footsteps coming towards the door. Julie started to hear strange noises.

“Where’s that noise coming from?” said Samantha in a frighten tone.
Julie pulled out a lighter from her pocket. She lights the lighter and right behind them stood the Bloody Bride holding a knife. The girls both screamed from the top of their lungs. The door open and they thought they saw another bridesmaid, but it was their dad instead. While crying the girls told their dad what happened. Right away their dad believed them. He saw the knife lying on the floor.
“Where’s mom?” worriedly asked the girls.

The dad responded with a worried tone saying,” I don’t know where she’s at.”
The three of them began to walk down the old wooden stairs, where something caught their eyes. There was a slimy, bloody, foot prints. The dad told the girls to stay back, while he takes a look at it. Julie’s heart began to beat faster than usual. Julie’s dad followed the foot prints, to find a bridesmaid holding their dead cat. The bridesmaid slowly turned her head towards the dad.
Samantha tried to say something but she couldn’t talk without so much pent up fear. Another flash of lighting appeared. The bridesmaid instantly disappeared. Julie’s dad ran back to where the girls were standing.
Samantha asked her dad again “Where’s mom?”
Her dad replied “I think she’s in……” When he was interrupted by their mother’s screams.
Julie screamed with tears “Mom!!!”
Julie, Samantha, and their dad followed the screams, to a room with blood all over the door. Their dad slowly opens the door with caution, to see their mom hung from the ceiling. Samantha burst into tears, and fell to her knees. Julie, also crying tired to pick her sister up.
“How could this of happened? She was just screaming awhile ago.”

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