death set us part

April 22, 2012
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On a lonely night a kid was looking up the sky. The kid was the age where you try to figure out how life works. He tried to tell his parents but as usually they never where around. He had no friends and tried to get them. The only friend he had was a street dog which wasn't allowed to get in the house.

The kid would talk to that dog for days. The dog always waited for the boy in the ally next to his house. They would play, talk and eat together. The boy had made the poor dog a house in the ally. The dog was so excited to see the boy but wen it rained the dog expecting the boy no to come he would show up in that moment.

The boy had gotten sick and made the parents miss days of work. They were so mad they say demanded the boy to why he went out in the rain. The boy said he had went to see his friend the poor dog. The dad got so mad he had gotten his gun and said he was going to kill the dog. The boy cried and cried until he heard the gunshot.

The next day the boy only went to school, came back and slept;t not even eating anything. He had been an excellent student and did his homework but now he had only slept. The boy had tried to kill himself saying “If I die mom he'll be with me again.” The parents tried to tell the boy they would buy him anything but he said “mom can you buy me death.” The mom would cry afters hearing those words.

The boy got up to his window looked at the beautiful image of the sky and jumped. The police officer said the boy had landed on a dog house in the ally and a stick of it crossed his heart. The child had died next to a death dog the police officer had said. It is said the boy still is playing with his friend to this day. The lesson to his story was not even death could separate a friendship that powerful.

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