Waiting Forever

April 21, 2012
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Jade and I were heading for the Cafeteria at Moonlight Academy there was something different. There was a new kid, and he was sitting at our table! People know better than to sit at our table without our permission. The new guy was tall, handsome, and had really beautiful blue eyes. As we were approaching him everyone was starring at us. Once we reached the table all he did was look up at me and went back to eating. “Hi, my name is Rose. What’s yours?”I asked him. It was time to lay down the law. “Lucas, and I want to eat alone.” That was kind of snotty. I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to like him. Yeah he was hot, but he looked like a bad-boy to me, and besides he’s not my type. “Um, sorry to say this, but if you want to eat with us you can, but if not the scram.” O.K, I’ll admit that was kind of mean of me to say, but it serves him right! “I’m sorry, your table? I don’t see your name on it, and isn’t it a free country?” And with that he walked away.

After I was done eating I went to my last class, Biology. This was my best subject, and the only class I get an A+ in. When I walked in there was someone new next to my seat. When I got to my seat, I noticed the blue eyes. It was Lucas! Great now I’m going to fail! When I sat down, Lucas looked up and stared at me. Why was he starring at me? Is he some kind of freak? I mean really why he’s starring at me. All period long every girl was staring at him, except one, me. Throughout every class I had with him he would stare at me. It got so annoying, and I wanted to demand what his problem was. But, I decided to give it some time. After class I went to my dorm. When I got there my roommate/ BFF was waiting for me on my bed. “So how did it go? I heard you had Biology with Lucas. And he was your lab partner.” “Well, all he did was stare at me all period long. It was so annoying!” I told her.” I’m going to bed. I’m tired from all of my classes.” And with that I went to bed. That night I had the most vivid dream. Lucas and I were on the soccer field at midnight. I was supposed to meet him there. When I finally found him, I ran to him. I threw myself in his arms, and we started to kiss. He started to kiss my neck. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain on my neck. He pulled away when he felt me flinch from the pain. Once he pulled away I saw what he did to me. There was blood trickling down my neck. When I looked up Lucas had two fangs out. I was so shocked that I fainted.

The next morning I woke up with a sharp pain on my neck. I went to the mirror and saw two bite marks on my neck. I screamed loud enough to wake up Jade. I thought it was just a dream! But it did feel so real. As soon as I screamed Jade woke up and ran to me. When she saw the marks on my neck she flinched. She was just as freaked out as I was. So once we got dressed. We headed for the Head Mistress. On our way there Jade asked, “How did the marks get there?” I told her all about the dream I had, and how the pain felt so real. “As soon as I woke up I had the same pain I had during my dream. It was so vivid like it was really happening. But, how did the marks actually get there?” Those were the last things we said on our way to the office. When we reached the front desk we asked to see the Head Mistress. When she saw the marks she had a worried expression on her face. Finally she said “With these bite marks there’s only one explanation. There is a vampire on campus.” Once she said that she called a staff meeting. She told Jade and I to go get some food in our systems.

As I stepped in the whole cafeteria got quite. We passed some tables and I could hear faint whispers. By now the whole school probably knows what happened to me this morning. Of course everyone was staring at me, but the person mostly staring at me was Lucas. Of course he was, he always stares at me. I got used to it after a while.

When I passed him, he stared at me and smiled. Of course he knew what happened to me. He knows everything that goes around here, even if he was only here for a week. I was tired of people staring at me, so I headed to my room to eat. “Rose…” I heard in a faint whisper. I continued to walk, not thinking that someone is following me. “Rose…” I turned around and nobody was there. “Is someone there?” I said. I heard no reply, so I continued to walk. I heard footsteps again, so I walked a little faster. The footsteps picked up, and they were right behind me. I stopped, turned around, and saw a shadow go into a bush. I walked over to the bush and punched at it. “Ow! That hurt.” Someone said in the bush. Out came Lucas, with a paper in his hand. “What was that for? That really hurt!” he said. “What were you doing following me?” “To give you a paper from Jade. Here! God, over dramatic much.” After he said that he left. The paper read:


Come to the dorm room as soon as you get this message. It’s important that you don’t tell anyone about what’s going to happen. It’s about what happened to you this morning. So, come quickly! I need you.

Love, Jade

I wondered what was so important. Well it did have to do with what happened to me this morning. It could be anything. So, I walked to the dorm room. When I got there, there was blood all over the floor. I screamed but a hand covered my mouth. That scared me. Where was Jade? Who was behind me? I had a bunch of questions swarming around in my head. The person behind me was starting to drag me. I bit the person’s hand and he let go. When I turned around it was…I don’t know. He was gone! Then a ghost that looked like a creepy dead man (who I couldn't tell was) was heading toward me. I screamed as loud as I could, and it went right through me. It knocked all of the air through me as I was gasping for a breath. The door busted open, and in came Lucas. When he came in everything went blurry. I could hear him screaming my name, but soon I couldn’t hear anything, let alone see anything. Now there were tons of questions in my head. Why was there a ghost in my dorm, who was the ghost, and why did he want me? Nothing makes sense anymore. I could hear voices that sounded like Lucas and Jade. I started to open my eyes, but everything was still a little blurry. “Rose? Are you awake?” I opened my eyes all the way to let them know I was. I tried to speak but nothing came out. I wondered what happened. Are where I was. It looked like I was in a boy dorm room. Not just any guys dorm, it was Lucas’s. Finally I spoke,

“Where am I? What happened to me?” All they did was stare at me.”I need some answers. Now! So, where am I?” I said. “You’re in my room. Do you remember what happened to you?” Of course I remembered what happened to me. How could I not forget what happened to me. I swallowed and nodded. I felt alone and scared. No one understands what it felt like to have some ghost go through you. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. Lucas lifted up my chin and looked in my eyes. His hands were so warm and soft against my face. I looked into his eyes. They were so beautiful and warm; it felt like I was going to melt in his hands. He took his other hand and wiped up my tears. “It’s going to be OK. I will make sure nothing hurts you.” He said. Aw, that was so sweet of him to say that, but I can take care of myself! I didn’t want to say that because it would hurt his feelings. After a couple of seconds Jade got tired and left, leaving Lucas and I alone.

“Rose can I ask you a question? What did happen to you?” He asked me. I didn’t know whether to tell him or not. I told him the truth about what happened to me. When I finished he pulled me in for a hug. It was the first time I ever touched him. His skin was warm and soft, against my cold and pale skin. He pulled away and kissed me on the check. I blushed and turned away. “Well, I have to go. Thanks for everything. Bye.” I was almost to the door when he stopped me. He pulled me close and kissed me. Once he pulled away he said," I've been wanting to do that since the day I saw you!" I stared into his deep blue eyes and hugged him tight. “Lucas thanks for helping me, I don't know what i would do without you.” I whispered in his ear. “Rose can I ask you a question, what are you?” he asked. He had a feeling that I was something magical which is true but I could never tell him. He would never like me for me he would think I’m some kind of freak. “I’m sorry I can’t tell you, I wish I can but I can’t it’s for your own good. The only thing I can tell you is that I’m not like you and you aren’t like me. I’m mythical think about it. Vampires would die to have my blood if they ever get my blood they would be powerful beyond mankind. They would have powers that you wouldn’t imagine."

“So you’re saying that you’re magical and vampires could kill us if they got your kind of blood wow. Everything is more complicated than I thought.” He said after a few minutes. “Well I have to go get out of these clothes I’ll see you in the morning.” He helped me up and walked me to my room. “Bye Rose I’ll see you in the morning.” He gave me a kiss on the check and left. I went in the room and quietly got undressed and into pajamas. I went to bed and fell asleep instantly. Once I fell asleep I was in my dream but I still knew I was dreaming.

I was in a ball room wearing a ruby red dress with red stones in my hair. I looked around and saw some dark figure in a hallway. I stepped closer but couldn’t figure out who it was. “Hello? Who’s there, Lucas, is that you?” No reply. The figure stepped into the light and he looked familiar but I couldn’t figure out where. “Rose I’m so glad you could join me. My name is Nick. Would you like to dance?” He said. He held out a hand to me but all I did was look in his eye. They were a deep jade, but in the light they had a gold tint to them. They were beautiful. I took his hand as he pulled me towards him. As soon as we started to dance the music started. He was so graceful and smooth. We stopped and he leaned in for a kiss. It’s just a dream I’m sure Lucas won’t get mad. So I kissed him and everything was so perfect it actually felt like a dream. His kisses were trailing down to my neck and then there was a sharp pain.

He bit me! As he sucked out my blood I felt weaker and weaker. I heard screaming and it was coming from me. Eventually he stopped and kissed me. He set me down with me too weak to move a muscle. It was the most horrifying dream ever. When I woke up I still couldn’t move a muscle. So much for being protected I thought. Jade was still asleep so I went back to sleep and I was back in my dream still lying on the floor lifelessly. Then I saw those eyes on me, and tried to crawl away from him but he grabbed me so I couldn’t move. “What do you want with me? Leave me alone!” I screamed. I tried to get away but his grip was too strong. “All I want is you to be with me by my side. We can rule the world and we can be together forever. You can have immortality. How does that sound?” I don’t want to be a vampire all I want is to get away from him and be with Lucas. “Screw you! Leave me alone and don’t ever come near me. The only person I want to be with is Lucas; at least he cares about me! Let go of me now!” I told him fiercely.

I tried to get away from him again but all he said was, “Don’t try to fight me if you do I could end up breaking your little bones. All I want is us to be together, it’s that simple.”I shut my eyes and thought, it’s just a dream. It’s just a dream. It’s just a dream. Using all my force in my head then I was in my bed. For the rest of the night I lay awake, too afraid to go back to bed. Pretty soon it was time to get ready for school. I passed through my classes until lunch. I fell asleep while Jade was still eating lunch. The bell rang and it was time for biology, thank goodness!

When I walked into the classroom, I saw a bunch of girls huddled in the back if the room. Instead of going where they all were I sat in my seat next to Lucas and waited for the second bell to ring. Once the bell rang everyone went to their seats, except this one guy who I couldn't really see. The teacher stood up from his desk and spoke," Class we have a new student and since I don't want Nick to sit by himself, I'm changing the seating chart. Everyone to the back of the room." I quickly got up hoping I could either sit next to Jade or Lucas. Mr. Miller pointed to Jade's old seat and said," Nick you sit up here and next to you is..." he scanned the room looking for his victim, he stopped dead at me. "Rose. She's one of our best students. I'm sure she could get you all caught up. You don't mind do you Rose?" I shook my head and sat down next to Nick, who looked strangely familiar. " Hi Rose, long time no see!" Nick said. I looked at him and saw his eyes, those eyes were definitely familiar! Then it hit me! He's the one! The one from my dream, the vampire that has my blood and could potentially kill me! I quickly looked away. He smiled evilly and looked away also. For the rest of class Lucas and Nick stared at me, and now I have a problem I need to solve. As soon as the bell rang i bolted out of the classroom leaving the people calling my name.

I beat Jade to our room, so I took a quick shower and laid on my bed. As soon as I heard jade come in, I rushed up to her and hugged her tight. "Rose is everything okay? You freaked out at the end of Biology!" I let go and locked eyes with her. "Jade you know that new guy, Nick?" she nodded. "Well he's the one..." She had a huge smile on her face. "Oh my gosh! That's great that you found your soul mate! Even though I thought you liked Lucas and everything..." I sighed. "You have it all wrong I still like Lucas, and Nick is not the one as in my soul mate, but he is the vampire that has my blood and could possibly kill us all." Her jaw dropped open. "Rose! We have to go tell the Headmistress! She could help us!" I thought about it for a second, but if Nick found out that she knew what he was he would probably kill her... "No! If she knew he would kill her. But I do know someone who could help us!" We put on our coats and headed out into the rainy weather of Spokane.

We went across campus and stopped in front of the boys dorms. I knocked on the one that looked familiar and waited for the door to open. After a minute, Lucas came out. He looked kind of surprised to see us, especially so late. "Rose, Jade. What are you doing here?" Jade looked at me, wondering how he could help us, especially since he was a human. " We need your help. There's a vampire on the campus and he has my blood..." He laughed to himself. "Yes I know. He's my brother. He thinks dying would make me not hate him anymore, but he's wrong. Sure I'll help." I smiled at him. We said our goodbyes and left. Right when Jade and I got inside out room she looked at me sternly. "How the heck is going to help us kill a freaking vampire? He's a human! There's no way he can take him on!" I sighed deeply and told her everything. I started from when the ghost went through me to the night in his room. After I finished she looked at me flabbergasted. "WHAT! I can't believe you never told me about this! Well, at least I know that he can take on Nick." We sat in silence for a while, both of us doing individual things. I decided to go to bed but told Jade it was fine to leave light on for her to read with.

That night sleep reeled me in like a fish. I was standing in the middle of the football field, this time wearing comfortable clothing. I looked around at the empty field, waiting for something to happen... "Hello Rose. Long time no see." Nick said appearing next to me. I sighed. "Nick this is the second dream with you in it. Why can't you just let me sleep peacefully?! You know that I'll never love you!" He laughed evilly, "Because Rose, I can't stay away from you! You're beautiful, strong, independent... My kind of girl. You know that deep down inside you know you have feelings for me." He moved his hand down my arm, sending chills down my spine. My knees almost gave in, but I caught myself. "N-no, I don't!" He smiled down at me, moving his fingers to my back. "You know you love the way it feels when I touch you..." This time there was no catching myself. My knees crumbles beneath me and Nick was there to catch me. "See, I told you! I make your knees weak. " he laughed still holding me close to him. "Just kiss me and I will never come in here. Cross my heart and hope to die. Well permanently die..." I thought about it carefully, thinking it's just a kiss. Besides it's also a dream. It's not like Lucas would ever know... I looked Nick in the eyes and nodded. He smiled and leaned in closer to my face. "Wait. Just please don't hurt me..." He nodded and pressed his cold lips to mine. I was being shook by Jade, who was screaming at me saying that I was going to be late. I quickly got out of bed and got changed for school. I walked in the hall alone to my home room walking past people not even caring if they were staring at me. I made it into class by the second bell, and sadly class started. The thing I hated the most was that i had my elective first period, because I liked to have it last, so that I didn't have to worry about anything. Today in art we were allowed to paint whatever we painted. I painted a wolf howling to the moon. It turned out pretty good too! Art ended and before I knew it, it was lunch time. One of my favorite times of the day. At lunch i could hang out with my friends without ever worrying about school. I sat down at my table with my lunch waiting for Lucas, Jade, and some of my old best friends Raven and ivy to come. Today Raven and Ivy are sitting with us because all of us want to be close again. They are really pretty and nice. Ivy has pitch black hair with a lapis lazuli eye color; she's also the really sensitive one, but knows how to make you laugh and smile. Raven on the other hand is shorter than Ivy. She has auburn hair with hazel eyes. She's emotionally strong and can make you feel better when you're crying. Anything she would say to would stop the tears instantly. Both are really different. Raven's a witch and Ivy is a banshee (which is really cool because she can scream when someone is about to die, it comes in handy!), and when you put both of their qualities together you get Jade, but she a werewolf. A vegetarian werewolf.

I sat there looking for the four of them. Over in the corner I saw a couple girls putting up a sign that said 'Winter Formal!!' those were the only words I could see. I always loved the winter formal! Dancing all night, hanging out with friends, oh and of course the dress! Jade came up and sat down next to me. "Raven and Ivy will be here in second. They were behind me in line. I think Lucas was behind them also. Want a bite of my pizza?" I shook my head and ate my French fries. "Winter Formal is coming up! Want to go shopping with me this weekend?" She had a excited look on her face. "Of course i want to go with you! Oh we HAVE to pick out the best dresses! Especially is you want to awe Lucas! You do like him don't you?" I was about to say yes when Lucas, Ivy and Raven walked up. "Hey Rose! I'm sure you've heard that the winter formal is next weekend! Who are you gunna go with?" Ivy said as she down next to Jade. "Um, a person... Why?" she laughed and looked at Lucas. "Just wondering. Hey can i have one of your fries?" i gave her the rest of them and left the table. I really wanted to go with Lucas, but it seems like Ivy might ask him then everything would be ruined! I left the cafeteria and sat on a bench in the cold Washington air. " Hey Rose." Lucas said sitting down next to me, of course i jumped, scared half to death. "Hi Lucas." I looked at him and he had a faint smile on his face. "Want to tell me what's wrong? You looked kind of troubled, in the cafeteria." I looked down at the ground, worried if he actually wants to go with me. "If i told you, you might not want to..." I couldn't finish the sentence, too many thoughts were going through my head. "Was it about the thing that you and Ivy talked about? Because i have been meaning to ask you something, but I was waiting for the right moment, but then you looked upset about something and..." I looked him in the eyes and smiled, already knowing what he was going to say. "Yes, I would love to!" He grinned and grabbed my hand. "It's like you read my mind!" he replied while laughing. The one thing i still wondered was why he was being soo nice to me when i was mean to him, especially on his first day. "Lucas? Why are you being so nice to me? I was mean to you on your first day and then you gave me that note from Jade. Oh, and i couldn't forget when you saved me or uh well took care of me?" I took my hand out of his, showing him how serious I was. "What note? I never gave you a note from Jade. Now that's strange. But why am I so nice to you? Because, my first day i started to be mean when you were trying to be nice. Then your first thought was to say something mean back. I should be the one that's sorry not you. There's something different about you and eventually I will find out." I grinned and hugged him, which surprised him. "You'll never know what i am or maybe one day i will... Come on let's go to biology." I replied standing up, and walked with him to class.

The rest of the week passed by in blur. Jade and i were standing in front of a dress shop, examining some of the dresses in the window. I noticed a very beautiful in the window that was blood red and strapless. That dress looked just like the one that I wore in my first dream with Nick. Next to that dress was a black silk that, almost like a mermaid dress. One that would hig to the body at the top, and flowed down at the bottom. We walked in and asked the lady at the front if we could try it on. She agreed and handed us the dresses in the dressing room. I got my clothes off and slipped on the delicate gown. I walked out of my stall the same time Jade did and we both stared at each other in awe. "Rose you look drop dead gorgeous! Oh, this definitely tops last years!" We laughed as I admired her in her dress. She looked drop dead gorgeous also. The black looked good on her pale completion, making her blue eyes green eyes stand out. We got out of our dresses and bought them. The dance ended up getting moved to tomorrow, so we were kind of late on getting our dresses. We walked back to the Academy and did our nails, and of course talked about our week, and laughed about a lot of it. I fell asleep that, and my dreams were more peaceful than ever.

I slept in that morning, catching up on some lost sleep. Jade sat on her bed watching me while she ate a jelly filled doughnut. I looked at the clock, and saw that it was already twelve in the afternoon. "Morning sleepy head! Did you have a nice sleep last night?" she exclaimed laughing. I smiled and luaghed eying her doughnut. "Did you happen to get me one?" I asked her with my mouth watering, thinking about the cream filled doughnut going into my mouth. She threw a bag at me and smirked. Of course she did! She knew that cream filled is my favorite. I opened the bag and pulled out one, and plopped a piece in my mouth savoring the taste. Before i knew my two doughnuts were gone, and in my belly. I threw the bag in the trash and told Jade i was going to take a shower. The hot water that poured down me, soothed me, and made me feel a whole lot better. By the time i was done it was already two. Jade and i sat on out beds and talked about how we were going to do each other's hair and make-up. Each year we sleep in, eat doughnuts, watch our favorite movie "The Titanic" and do each other's make-up. It's been our yearly routine since we first started here, three years ago. We watched "Titanic" and bawled our eyes out when Rose let go of Jack, when she said that she never would. It was such a tragic thing that all of those people drowned, or froze to death. We got our selves together and started each other's make-up. I did hers first. I made her look beautiful! I put some soft gray around her eyes making them pop. She loved it then did mine. She also put some gray, but made it look more like a smokey eye. While she did her hair, I put on my dress and black high heels. Jade did her hair in ringlets, and yet her brown hair still went down her back. I put up my hair in a loose French twist leaving some small curly hairs.

Jade and i walked out of our room and down the stairs arm in arm. We saw Raven and Ivy and joined arm in arm with the also. As we entered the gym, everyone stared at us in awe. I saw Lucas over in the corner of the room and let go of Jade's arm. I walked up to him noticing that his hair was smoothed back and he was wearing his tux. He stared at me and smiled a big smile that made my heart drop to the pit of my stomach. "Rose you look, gorgeous." He said taking in a deep breath. I smiled big like him and took his hand. "Dance with me. All night, until my feet hurt." He pulled me to the dance floor, and reeled me into him. We waltzed all over the floor, making me feel like i was on a cloud. I never knew that Lucas could be such good dancer, especially for a vampire killer. We had to take a small break, so i went outside into the crisp cool air, to catch my breath. "Rose i know that you probably hate me, but would you at least dance with me?" Nick said standing in the doorway. I guess dancing with Nick wouldn't do any harm. I took his hand that was extended to meet mine. Instead of doing a waltz we just stood close and walked back in forth like the slow dance they do in High School. Well, this is technically High School. "I still hate you, that kiss meant nothing! I just wanted you to leave me alone. I think we're done here." I pulled away from him and walked back into the dance finding Lucas by the punch bowl talking to Jade. As soon as they saw me Jade walked away to her boyfriend Blake, who was a werewolf like her. I grabbed Lucas's arm and dragged him out into the night away from everyone.

"Where are we going?" Lucas asked me. I let go of his hand and stopped. "I'm showing you, what i can do. I'm showing you what i am." I walked ahead and heard his footsteps following. I stopped in front of the pond and dipped my hands into the water, getting just enough in my hand to throw in the air. As I threw the water, Lucas flinched but just before it hit the ground i stopped it with my hand and shaped it into a heart. He stared at me with his mouth open, not knowing what to say. "I'm a faery. I was born to the King and Queen of the Water faeries. That's me, and this," I pointed to the heart in mid-air, "Is something small. I can also freeze the water. I can make tilde waves, oh and when I'm at home I live under a stream, and can make humans think they're seeing a flower but really they're seeing me." I froze the heart and put it into his pocket. When i freeze things they can last a long time, because it's sealed with magic. "Keep my heart, but just don't break it. If you do, i will make it rain on you!" i said laughing. "Don't worry, i would never do anything to hurt you." He said, but i knew that was all a lie.

Lucas and i sat on my bed, just talking, not wanting to leave each other just yet. "Tell me about yourself. Like what's your favorite color, food, and animal. Oh and can you rub your head a pat your stomach?" I giggled and thought how easy these questioned were. "Purple, Pizza, and pig. And yes i can pat my stomach and rub my head!" I did them both simotainiosly, and Lucas joined in with me. We laughed so hard until out stomachs hurt. Something out of the ordinary was caught in my thoughts. Lucas doesn't seem like a human, at least not FULL human. He's something different, and i needed to find out. What was his last name again? "Hey Lucas, what's your last name?" I asked him randomly. He looked at me and said, "Still. Why?" I looked at him, while that last name stricken me as familiar. I know I've heard this name before, and I'm pretty sure it's a meaningful name. I got up from the bed and into my closet, to search for something big and heavy. I found it underneath a big pile of clothes, and brought it out to my bed. "This, is my faeery book. It has a bunch of royal names, like mine.: I opened up the book and went to the page of all of the royal names, for all of the different types. I scanned each list until i got to the fire faeries. There at the very end of the song i saw Luna and Drake Still the ones that are in rule right now. Lucas peered over my shoulder and gasped loudly. "Those are my grandparents names. If they're names are on this that has to mean that... I can't do this, I'm sorry Rose. I just, i don't want to be a faerie..." Lucas didn't want to be with me, but I wanted to be with him. "But we could rule together! We have something, that no other faerie couple has! You promised you wouldn't hurt me..." Tears filled up my eyes as my heart broke into a million little pieces in my chest. "This is way too much commitment. I'm sorry Rose, here, you can have your heart back." he pulled out the frozen heart, and put it in my already extended hand. I slammed it to the floor, so that it broke little tiny pieces just like my heart. Outside it started to rain, because i was so mad, and i did indeed keep my promise. "GET OUT!" I yelled at him, which caused him to stammer back, and by now the tears were spilling down my cheeks. He went out and closed the door softly. The tears quietly poured down my face, as I remembered the day that i that ghost and dead body. I had to find out who that was, or I wouldn't be able to sleep. I got dressed and headed out the door.

As i went out the door i ran into Ivy. "Hey Rose, have you seen Raven anywhere? I can't find her and i need to give her a key so she can get into the room." I shook my head and left her in the rain. I ran down the stairs and into the lounge, where everything went down. The spot where the blood was, was now replaced with carpet. Whoever did this, is here and wanted to make sure that no one knew about what happened that night. And whoever that was is a shape shifter, and pretended to be Lucas. I heard footsteps coming towards to the room. "Hey babe. Let's go in here, nobody would think we're in here." A guy said, and the girl giggled. I dashed into the closet and closed the door, just as the couple walked in. I could tell they were kissing, because of the noise they were making. My nose wrinkled to a putrid smell. I turned on my phone and looked behind me. There was the dead body I saw that night, except this time i knew exactly who it was. It was my father, and that ghost was most likely his, trying to protect me. I screamed at the top of my lungs and busted open the door, and stumbled out.

I looked at the couple on the couch that was staring at me. It was Raven and her boyfriend Tyler. "Rose what are you screaming about?" Tyler asked me. I pointed to the closet door and ran up to Raven, hugging her tightly, crying silently to myself. Raven slowly peered over my shaking shoulder and gasped at what she saw. "Tyler, go get the Headmistress, and tell her it's an emergency." He nodded and ran out into the rain. "Rose," she said soft as a whisper, "Everything is going to be okay. Mrs. Smith and some people will come and take of your dad. I'm so sorry you had to be the one to find your father dead... If I were you I would be bawling my eyes just like you. But hey, you have to think of the positives. Like, now that you know that he's dead, you can have a proper burial for him. But for now, I'll be right here with you. Maybe we could do a séance tonight and try to contact your dad to see if he know who killed him." I nodded and whipped my tears from my eyes feeling better already. Mrs. Smith walked in and said she was very sorry, and told us she would take care of everything. So Raven and I found Jade and we went to Raven's room to find out who killed my father.

The four of us sat in a circle on the floor holding hands. We breathed in and out deeply concentrating on contacting my dad. There was a picture of the two of us in the middle of out circle. White candles were everywhere. "Peter, if you are here show us a sign." she paused and we heard a big bang coming from the bathroom. We kept our eyes closed and Raven continued."Do you know who killed you?" we waited for a moment and heard nothing, but then Raven began to speak in a very raspy voice, that was definitely not hers. "Rose, watch out! My killer is someone very close to you!" I opened my eyes and knew that was my father speaking. "Who is it dad?" "Their names are--" There was a big crash as a big rock came through the window. The sound snapped Raven back to herself, so she got up and picked up the big rock that had something white around it. "What is it?" We all asked at simultaneously. "It says if you ever want to see your mom again, then come to the other side of the pond at midnight." I looked at the clock, and it was already eleven. "Well are you guys going to come with me?" We looked at each and they nodded. I knew that they couldn't let me risk myself without them being with me too. "But we need one other person to come with us. Lucas." Jade looked at and i nodded because i knew that he would come in handy, since he's vampire slayer.

The fiver of us walked through the woods to get to the other side of the pond. "Rose, I know you probably still hate me, but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry." I looked at him sternly and said, "Don't you think this is kind of a bad time to apologize to me?" the nerve of some people! We got to the other side and I noticed that there were three figures standing in the distance. They stepped out of the shadows. My favorite teacher Mr. Miller, Nick, and my mother walked out. My mom was tied up and had duck tape on her mouth. "You two are the ones that killed my father?" I said surprised that Mr. Miller was involved with this. Erik aka Mr. Miller smiled evilly and nodded. "That's right Rose. You and your father are faeries and I've always wanted to know what your blood look like under a microscope. But, I couldn't do this alone, do i hired Nick and told him that if he helped me i would let him have most of the blood while i got a single drop. Nick did most of the work. I just simply took a drop and nick drained him of his life. But there's no way I can let you go, because you will tell. They always do." He pulled out a gun and let go of my mom. She ran over here as fast as she could, with her arms still tied. Lucas pulled out his knife and cut the rope on my mom. She tore of the tape, and raised her arms. Erik looked at her curios to know what she was doing. As soon as her heard the whooshing of the water he shot the gun that was aimed towards me. Ivy screamed right as the bullet hit me, and the wave hit Erik and Nick. It was too late for anyone to save me now. I already knew I was going to die.

My mom froze the two killers, and ran up to me the same time Lucas did. Everyone was around me and crying, even Lucas. I grabbed his hand and barely made out, "Lucas I love you more than anything, and I want to know that you feel the same." More tears spilled down his cheek, "Yes Rose. Oh god, I don't want to lose you! I love you, forever." I spilled my last tear and died in the arms of Lucas.

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